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Discussion in 'Environmental' started by ALS, Dec 29, 2014.

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  2. I bought a couple GE LEDs with the wink hub.

    These LEDs work perfectly. No noise, no flicker like the led bulbs I put in my office.

    Love the fact they are WiFi too. I will be adding on to this system. Using an old school timer for the block heater on the elantra and van. With the different leave time every day for the Agent, and less than part time use of the van this time of year, the timer works but a WiFi one will make fine tuning it a lot easier.

    Idk if the 'robots' work too well yet. The robots are programmable to do something automatically under certain conditions. I set up one to turn off the porch light if it senses my phone leaving the house between 5-7 AM. I left the house, drove around the block, and porch light was still on - maybe I didn't get far enough away, Idk.
    set up another robot to turn on the porch light and kitchen light when the sense the Agents phone comes home in the evening. This should be handy. She likes to get out of the car, blabbing on the phone in one hand, purse and other misc stuff in the other hand and then complain it's too dark to see the door lock and she can't get the door open. go figure. Hopefully that robot with work. If not, I could always change the location and give it more time to work. Make it so if it senses her near the edge of town in the evening it will turn the lights on. Idk, I'll play with it a bit

    Edit- it just hit me - program one to turn on a light or radio or sound a siren when she leaves work. This would give me the same "heads up, clear out the empty beer bottles and get to work doing something to make it look like I was busy" alerts I used to get when her Bluelink was active. I get my best ideas before 7 am. I think I'll take the rest of the day off now.
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    Good one, James !
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  5. I'll put light bulbs and electric outlets on it. Synced it with my thermostat too. No way will I add door locks.

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