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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Bike123, Jun 18, 2007.

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    I'm a long time lurker. My car is a 93 Saturn SL2 manual (26/35 EPA), and my wife's is a 93 Accord manual. My main around town vehicle is a bike. I bike to work all weather, and ride a tandem and triplet with the family, weather permitting. I try to go 6 months on 1 tank of gas in the Saturn, then drive it 280 miles round trip weekly Nov - March to xc ski near Winter Park. With a bit of tugging on both ends of the skis, we can fit them and the 3 of us inside (3-4 mpg better than with our wide ski box). I currently average about 40 mpg on those trips. The Saturn has snow tires, so my wife borrows the it on snow days (lots of them this past year!). Last year's average was > 36 mpg, and the past 2 years' average is 35. I didn't keep track before that. I try to time lights, FAS long stoplights esp. during warmup, DWB, micro DWL (DWL the terrain breaks, but not DWL in the same sense it can be done on small hills), low resistance path through snow & slush (is that ridge riding?). Slower than I used to be, but still more likely to pass than be passed going over Berthoud Pass. I typically drive 70 on the 75 mph stretch between Ft Collins and Denver. With all the recent publicity, I have to mention that my wife and daughter draft me pretty closely on the tandem and triplet. They haven't hit me yet, except when my wife's helmet hit me as she ducked out of the wind on a fast downhill!

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    Welcome to CleanMPG! It's nice to see another Saturb here, especially an older one. Sounds like you are already doing pretty good. I would say to maybe slow down as much as you can and maybe pump up the psi in the tires to max sidewall; at least in the non-snow months. There is a lot of potential in your Saturn.

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