Feb - April 2015 - Huge Drive

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    Hi All:

    This morning I was approached by a major to do a 20,000 + mile drive in a 2015 domestic performance car to test some different fuels with a new engine tear down before leaving and a complete engine tear down and inspection afterwards at the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas in Detroit in April.

    During my travels, presenting the Whys and Hows at venues in all 48-states and possibly Canadian Provinces will be part of the massive tour.

    I could not convince them to go with a Hybrid or Turbo Diesel unfortunately as it would not fit their testing regimen. :(

    I cannot say who the majors are involved with this project but it looks like this except it will be wrapped. ;)


  2. jcp123

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    Wow, now THAT sounds like an adventure! I will as always be riveted to the thread if/when it happens. It'll be interesting to see the teardown data too - if they choose to release it? Love to know how the Chevron/Texaco I am so loyal to might perform.
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