T-Mobile Simple Choice Users - Free unlimited 4G LTE data for 12 months with referral

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    Hi All:

    Not a T-Mobile customer and would probably not work for me since I have no carrier but for those that do, wow! Even if you are stuck with another carrier, T-Mobile will buy out the contract if you buy a cheap @$$ or expensive phone from them.

    Data connections out side the urban centers drop to voice pretty quickly vs. AT&T and Verizon but if you live in an urban area with "Hot" T=Mobile, you can ditch your internet for a year and work off of T-Mobile's. 5GB is the Wi-Fi Hot spot limit but I have read of people pulling in 30 + GBs a month for years on T-Mobile Unlimited (normally $80/month) and never got nicked.

    The T-Mobile PR:

    T-Mobile Urges Its Customers to Rescue Beleaguered Sprint Customers

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