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    Hi everyone new to the forum . I'm looking into selling my compact truck and getting a full size for towing and offroading in northern mi I've read some on different set ups but never talked to any one so these are my thoughts

    Carburetor set up cheaper to tune by swapping jets to lean it out for best mpg

    TBI set up one step up from a carb not sure on the tunning capabilities

    Multi port injection newest tunning probably endless but at what cost $$$$

    Now ive heard of guys tunning there carbs and getting pretty good mpg out of a full size mid 20s but I've never know someone that has done this and I know how ppl can stretch the truth

    So who's messed with any of these and what are your thoughts or ideas
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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    The guy on this site who has or has had larger trucks is the TheStepChild. Maybe he will chim in with some advice.
  3. jcp123

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    Carbs or tbi are the way to go. I am old school and prefer the carbs myself, you can endlessly tinker with them and tossing an a/f sensor in the exhaust should be fairly easy. It would probably be plain old fashioned fun to play with carbs that way. I also like tbi - provides 80+% of the benefits of more modern EFI without huge complexity, and cheap parts are everywhere. For off-roading it is also less prone to stalling and much better at dealing with hefty slopes than carburetors, which are mostly designed to be kept more or less on flat ground. But TBI has basically 0 tuning capabilities, it is well-regarded as a stock setup but shunned by anyone who does performance or other mods.
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    Here's my 2 cents. I like the multi port fuel injection in my 99 Jeep. The computer it's self makes the 4.0L six run pretty lean. I replaced my single port fuel injectors for four port injectors when one went bad. I gained about 1 mpg over the stock injectors and increased throttle response across the board.

    Cost. $150.00 plus shipping in July 2012.

    I can tell you it took less time to to replace the injectors than it ever took me to rebuild or tune up a 4 barrel carb.

    I have heard some of the pick up truck boys have done this to, but have no experience in that.

    Have a good day

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  5. Mendel Leisk

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    With carbs, maybe leave the jets as-is, set advance, idle speed, and go through the lean-out procedure carefully? I think clean air filters are more important with carbureted engines too: with fuel injection the computer will change tuning to suit (restricted) air flow, might actually improve fuel economy to have a dirty filter, lol.
  6. phoebeisis

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    Carbs????? For FE !!??
    Geez I though I was an old fogey(63)
    What next -reminding us how great points were???

    Ok I am picking on you old duffers

    My 1998 Suburban 5.7 with I think multi-PORT FE-2 GM steps up from a carb and one step up for pretty primitive TBI
    gets an HONEST 21.2MPG on long-3000 mile round trip trips from new orleans to flagstaff
    I set the cc to 66 mph on interstates 59mph on Hy 287 and my FE is improved by LOTS of roadwork(45mph) .

    In any case good EFI will KILL a carb for FE-
    just look at GMs EPA numbers for their 1/2 tons from 1984 thru 1999-all 350's(5.7)
    but the HP probably jumps from 170 in 1984 to 255 in 1999
    weight jumps probably 500 lbs or so
    but FE improves
    96 or later GMs get decent FE
    Oh-not much point in trying to tune for FE-not on anything later than 1996 or so.
    The OEM engineers beat you to it.They-GM 1/2 tons-get good city and good hy FE-right out of the box
    Good being relative-but 20mpg hy-and "gentle" hy speeds-isn't too bad
    And mild hypermiling will get you 15-17 mpg city
    Not bad considering how versatile they are.
    Some of the older Fords do OK also
    The older MOPARS TRUCKS( love MOPAR) got HORRIBLE FE(since rectified-now they KILL GM and Ford-thanks to the bailout and Fiat-no thanks to MB!!)
  7. worthywads

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    Single post Spinelli, me thinks troll.

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