2015 Mazda 6 - The 3,000 Mile Odyssey

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    Just a regular guy giving his impressions of his new Mazda 6.

    As promised here's my next update on my 2015 Mazda "6"; this one coming after roughly 6,500 miles on the clock, 3,000 of them over the last week on a long trip. For those who haven't been following along the vehicle in question is a 2015 Mazda "6" Sport MT (that's a stick for those of you who don't know how to drive something with the proper number of pedals.)

    Yes, you read that right -- 3,000 miles in a week of travel (well, 8 days but who's counting, right?)

    If you want the one-sentence summary, it's this: This is an utterly fabulous road car, especially for the money.

    I have made no performance-related changes. I have changed out the stock stereo for an aftermarket head unit and speakers of my own design, and love it; I went with the Pioneer 4000 NEX as it can play FLAC files and accept an SSD disk on one of its USB ports, both of which work spectacularly. I also added sound deadening to the doors and changed a few things around with speakers; if you're interested in my work in that regard you can find a long thread on it here. For relatively-modest money I now have a close replica in terms of sound quality to what I enjoy at my desk. That's not bad.

    Let's do the complaints to be lodged first. If you are of my rough height (5'11") you will find that the door window sill on the driver's side is not quite in the right place to rest your elbow while driving with your left hand on long trips. There, I gave you my complaint.


    That's the only one I have.

    The car returned an average of 36 mpg across the roughly 3,000 miles, all measured (miles divided by gallons into the tank) not estimated by the MFI -- although the computer display in the car was never off by more than a half mpg against the math. The "best" tank was 38.7mpg with an average speed on that tank of 65mph. The worst was 34.23 with a fair bit of city and suburban driving in the mix. This compares with mileage from 30-34mpg driving around here in suburban/exurban use -- remarkably consistent.

    For comparison that same general trip has been done in my Jetta and returns 42-44mpg. Yes, the diesel gets better fuel economy by quite a bit. Can the diesel hit 50 on this trip? Sure, if I keep my right foot off the loud pedal. But I don't; likewise it's easy with the MFI to know how to get right up near 40mpg with the Mazda too.

    I'm just not willing to drive that way.

    As for comfort there's nothing to complain about; I pulled a couple of 10 hour stints behind the wheel and multiple 4-5 hour ones as you can guess from the miles and days and never had my body complaining that it was time to stop "or else." The seats are supportive where they should be and do not add pressure where they should not, along with being conducive to a proper driving position -- important for long trips without feeling like you went through a trash compactor in the process.

    I made a small adjustment to tire pressure before leaving and a few hours into the trip the TPMS warning went off. Properly so, since I didn't tell it to recalibrate, I might add -- which was my mistake. (Mazda is using an indirect system that works off the ABS tone rings to detect changes in tire pressure.) A quick check with the tire pressure gauge disclosed there was nothing wrong (other than my stupidity), I reset the TPMS with the button on the dash and all was well.

    There was one close call with a jackass who thought that "red means race" when it comes to traffic lights. The handling and braking performance were more than adequate to avoid what could have been a nasty wreck. In handling and braking terms there was a section of the trip where I was both alone and on roads without traffic conducive to some fun, and I got to wring the car out a bit. I wouldn't call it a full-on test in that regard but I'm quite impressed from both a tracking and braking performance perspective; I might rate this a "7 out of 10" sort of driving test. I'm very much looking forward to another trip into familiar stomping grounds where I can do a 10/10ths run or three; smiles are likely given what I've experienced thus far. This is a car that is easy to drive fast, and deceptively easy to drive faster than expected. If you don't pay attention to your speed you're likely to get some wallpaper from the various authorities.

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    I'm sure this guy considers his driving "normal".
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    I am also a fan of mazda. I have a 2014 AT, bought in mid 2013. For my first 6500 mile, I had average 41mpg on a couple of 200mile run :), and about 39mpg on 40 mile daily commute:). Just saying, you could do better my friend :rolleyes: Enjoy

    After 3 years, that 39mpg highway has come down to 35mpg :(.
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