2003 HCH Engine Noise

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    Hi guys,

    I've been getting a tapping/pinging noise from the engine of my '03 HCH after 90k. The noise is worse under engine idle and low load conditions.

    At idle any increase in engine revs increases the the rate of the pinging but lessons the actual noise level, at about 2500rpm the pinging stops until the rpm drops back toward idle. I've also noticed that when the engine is up to normal temp the idle speed occasionally drops so low it almost stalls before kicking itself back up to normal. The same noise is evident when accelerating in low gears (MT) until around the magic rpm mark were it stops.

    After reading various posts on CMPG and various other forums the main culprits seem to be:

    1) Valve Lash/Chatter.
    2) CV boots/joints.
    3) EGR Valve or Ports.

    Yesterday I adjusted the valve clearances to settings I got online... Intake = 0.15mm and Exhaust = 0.25mm

    The noise has lessoned but is still evident, especially from the #1 cylinder end of the engine. Does anyone know if theses settings are correct?

    Also, would the CVJ ping under idle?

    And finally, the EGR valve on the inlet manifold appears to be a sealed until. Is it possible to remove and clean or just replace?

    Any help or advice that stops my car sounding like a skeleton having a W**K in a biscuit tin would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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