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    I am glad that I have found you, with all great advices and experience, especialyy regarding hypermiling. I own an Audi A4, 1.9 TDi PD, 131 HP, and I am trying to do my best to obtain the best FE, because, here in Romania, the price of the fuel is veru high. Any informations for TDI PD tips for hypermiling are very welcome!
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    Mcbota welcome to the board.

    Here is a good place to start your education on Hypermiling.

    The CleanMPG Primer
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    Part 2 Number 9 is a No NO in our book. Drafting is dangerous and the one point no one points out, it is a great way to get a stone hit on your A/C condenser or windshield. I learned from a body man that if you want to know how a car was driven look at the front of the car. If the bumper, hood and windshield all have lots of small chips in them then the car was driven hard at high speeds on the highway.

    Just like when you want to drive at 70 mph instead of 55 mph you generally need to increase your engines power output substantially as this graph shows.


    Well the same applies to paint damage on your vehicle. A tiny stone that would normally harmlessly deflect off the pained bumper or windshield at 55 mph or even 60 mph, at 65 or faster that same stone will chip the clear coat and even get through to the primer or worse.

    If your sitting behind a large trailer with eight tires vacuuming up every little thing they can off the road and throwing it back at you, do you really want it be sitting that close to the field of fire coming off those tires ?
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    Thanks for all the informations, all of you! I am trying to shift at low rpm, cruising in high gear-low rpm, over inflated the tyres ( sidewall is 51psi, and I inflated at 45 psi). I am not sure exactly how to observe the engine load, because I have a board computer with instant consumption display, but not a SG or something similar! I will look on all interesting subjects, to learn more techniques about it!

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