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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Elf'n Magic, Jun 11, 2007.

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    So being new to this whole idea, I've been reading this forum about a week. I have to ask, Is it better for me to coast down hill or uphill? Since it's easier going down hill, I speed up going down, put the clutch in and try to make it up. Or should I climb the hill under power and glide down?

    Then, not really a mileage issue, but sort of, If you're on a multilane highway, should you always move to the inside lane around curves since this would represent the shortest distance?
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    First,,, Welcome to cleanmpg.com Glad your here:)

    So I take it youve only been working at this a week or so? If so,,, good for your.

    I would suggest you work on the basic stuff first before busting off glides and such.

    Get your tires psi up. Make sure the car is in good solid shape. Then work on timing lights. Getting use to slower speeds. Get the right foot in tune with the gas pedal. Then work on some load driving. Steady stable speeds. Come to a hill just hold the old pedal steady. Let the car slow down a bit as your pulling the hill or rise. Then as you crest the hill let the car gain some speed and lighten its load. As you start down the back side of the hill, ease out of the gas ever so slightly. Presto,,,, you just made a major gain in your FE.

    As for lane usage and trying to figure out the shortest way around a bend in the road. Get use to being in the far right lane. Thats where hypermilers live. Its far more important to get the skills of throttle management down that mini route planing.

    You will see your mpg come up.


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