Tips on Stretching Your Non-Hybrid Car's MPG

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by SkeeterVT, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Mr. Kite

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    Dividing the pressure by 2 means there there is 1/2 as much air. This is a straight proportionality, not a squared one.
  2. lightfoot

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    They're two different things. The car manual shows the car mfr's recommendation factoring in comfort, handling, etc. The sidewall gives max pressure rating by the tire mfr. And they can be VERY different: my Subaru manual says 32psi, tire sidewall says 51psi.

    You can do FAR better than cruise control. Read the section on Pulse and Glide in here and try it, you'll like the results.
  3. scottjustice

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    Well I did say "generally not huge." and "Mostly that depends upon how much effort you are willing to put into it."
  4. xcel

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    Hi Scott:
    ___Let me put FE into some perspective for you … The Ranger yielded a personal best 62.3 mpg over 95 miles from work to home this afternoon with 75% Interstate travel and no close-ins. Windows rolled down fully on both sides etc. The 20 miles of Warm-up P&G route yielded 79.8 before hitting the Interstate. This is an 03 Ford Ranger P/U truck with no mods so saying “generally not huge” no matter what you own and drive could easily be misconstrued as misleading at best and completely incorrect at its worst.

    ___Sit down and take some time to comprehend what we have to offer here and you will have that Liberty punching out 40 without even thinking about it. 50 if you want it and much higher if you are dedicated ;)

    ___Good Luck and welcome to CleanMPG.

  5. scottjustice

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    How many gallons of gas does your tank hold and how many miles can you run before you have to refill it?:confused:
  6. MnFocus

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    and the Focus board MPG Poll went silent for a whole day when I posted a 60.0 mpg 33.9 mi leg ....Daaaaang 79.8 in 20 mi ?in a Ranger Too!!!
    Ima gonna get *me* some of that !
  7. scottjustice

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    Also "generally not huge" was referring to the difference between the auto recommended tire pressure and the tire recommended pressure. Not the fuel economy.
    Managing the speed yourself rather than allowing cruise control to do it can improve your mileage but it requires a great deal of attention and effort.
    My perspective is from driving normally or at least what should be normal. Driving in what can only be viewed as at least a risky fashion (probably why some of the techniques are citable violations in many states) is not what I'm about. When you violate the law and the manufacturers warranty to achieve these results I have to question your reasoning. If I want to coast, I'll buy a skateboard.
  8. xcel

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    Hi Scott:

    ___The Ranger holds 16.6 gallons or so top off to MT so 800 give or take would be the norm when pushing.
    ___Again, this stuff is so second nature most of the contributors here do not even give it a second thought anymore. It just happens. As stated above, sit back, relax, read and learn the techniques of the trade. Afterwards, talk all you want. Right now, you are speaking at a third grade level to some rather astute high schoolers and college grads.
    ___It is one thing to add perspective; it is another thing entirely different to speak with authority when you have little training wrt to the task at hand. Risk is anything above the speed limits in my book and I rarely tread there although if you are following the limits, your numbers should be a lot better then what you have spoken of so far? The Ranger into a headwind at the limits with no advanced techniques can nail the low 40’s. If you want to talk FAS’ing and P&G, there is a reason why you are still stuck in the 30’s and at higher risk while others are in the 70 and 80’s’s on empty frontage or country roads to begin their daily grinds and between the limits on the Interstates in the far right lanes afterwards. You will come around eventually but it may take some time before you open your mind as to the why’s and how’s :(

    ___Violate the law and manufacturer’s warranties? You have no idea given I am one of the very few that actually follows the speed limits in the far right lane throughout all of Chicago’s Interstates and take hell for it too! If you would like to get a skateboard, go ahead. I would prefer a fully laydened automobile with height and comfort adjustable seating and controls, HQ radios, crush zones, air bags and ABS to name a few myself ;)

    ___Finally, I highly encourage ECO driving at every opportunity and I believe you are beginning to understand that “Raising your FE and lowering your emissions in whatever you drive” is why most are here. Hypermiling is the next level and the reason I started CleanMPG in the first place. It is all about choice and few will criticize you for it. In fact, most will encourage you during the learning process but criticizing those that set the bar high so that others will hopefully follow for the betterment of all is not in your best interest this early on.

    ___MNFocus, Southern MN. hah? I heard that there is a gathering of hybrids somewhere in the vicinity of Madison, WI. during the weekend of July 21 - 23 although it is something I have only heard rumors about as of late :) All kidding aside, would you consider possibly driving down even for a day? If you could make it out for Saturday’s events, one of us could head out for a behind the wheel clinic at some point during the day? If I can break free from manning the CleanMPG booth, being buried in details with regards to our Saturday and Sunday Hybridfest 2007 responsibilities or viewing the many great presentations scheduled, I would be glad to take a turn in your passenger seat doing the Drill Instructor thing? Seeing real world FE increases achieved afterwards is something everyone here looks forward too given the usual positive outcome and with the cast of drivers attending Hybridfest 2007 this year, you will be in the company of some of the best FE drivers on the planet!

    ___Good Luck

  9. MnFocus

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    Rumors ? I thought it was for real !

    I am considering it ! I appreciate the personal invite . It all hinges on the work schedule . Madison is only a 5 hour drive - ok 6, If I drive for insane FE - kind of foolish not to go .

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