We Are On The Cusp!

Discussion in 'General' started by DaveinOlyWA, May 25, 2014.

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    Remember what Roy Scheider said right after his first face to face with "Jaws?"

    He stated that they needed a bigger boat and he was ok with saying that because he knew he had overbought when he got his truck to haul the boat. We almost always do. We want the power to drive that hill we may never see, perform that passing maneuver we probably will never attempt, etc.

    That same ideology has transferred over to EV range. Too many people have a daily round trip commute of 40 miles but won't take the EV leap because the LEAF's 84 mile range won't make that trip to Grandma's house 3 times a year. Probably not the best decision!

    But determining the cost/performance sweet spot is not really that easy either. Super high efficiency means seemingly insignificant outside forces can have significant impacts on range.

    Nissan promises to make that decision much easier for us soon. No pricing has been announced but if Nissan comes in at an affordable price, this could be the defining moment in the "Age of EVs"

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