Audi Mexico Nearing 2016 Q5 Production

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    Audi México is creating new jobs with its North American localization strategy. In the medium term, well over 65 percent of all sourced parts for the next generation Audi Q5 will come from North America, with this to increase to 90 percent in the long term. More than 20,000 jobs could be created over the next ten years, roughly 1,000 of these at a supplier park south of the Audi plant in San José Chiapa.

    2014 Audi Q5 TDI


    The first phase of the JIS (just-in-sequence) Supplier Park is scheduled to begin operation in late 2014. Series production of the second-generation Audi Q5 for the global market begins in 2016.

    Two-thirds of the more than 200 requests for tender for parts such as windscreens, tires and cockpit electronics have already been completed. Premium quality and delivery reliability are the primary selection criteria. “That applies worldwide, regardless of the production location,” says Martens.

    Seven of the more than 100 suppliers from the NAFTA region will move into the supplier park, which in the first phase of development will occupy over 258,000 sq ft.

    Roughly 1,000 people will be employed at the JIS Supplier Park in San José Chiapa, from which they will supply the Audi plant with components just in sequence. The high localization rate will create a total of 20,000 jobs in the region.


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