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Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by Bennett, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Bennett

    Bennett Well-Known Member

    So I've now had the CR-Z for a few months - naturally the worst months of the year!

    The biggest drawback in terms of hypermiling - it has a "Sport" mode and is incredibly fun to drive in it. Needless to say this screws with your mpg :rolleyes:

    When I first took it out I really wasn't a fan of the Econ mode. However, it is actually surprisingly a bit *zippier* than the HCH-2 even in Econ, and since this is the setting where all the full gas-saving settings kick in I actually tend to run in that by default and resort to Sport for fun and games now and then.

    Throughout the winter I have managed to beat the EPA average (37) on almost every tank, and my goal when things warm up is to get into the elusive "50mpg club" with it. This is super easy with the HCH but the CR-Z seems to hit about 80% of the mpg that I got before. It is, however, 200% more fun so it was a fair swap. The Wife drives the HCH now and gets about 40mpg :eyebrow:

    I don't know whether it's the fact it's a newer Li-ion battery on the fact it's an entirely different ICE/IMA setup, but the energy management seems far superior to the HCH and you rarely, if ever, have to think about what the SoC is doing or notice things like regen braking. I'm so used to autostop now that I get annoyed driving in a regular car when it idles at a red light so for me that's not a "thing" to notice.

    I can definitely recommend the car as I think it would appeal to a broader range of people than I think would consider it. In fact, it's really at least two cars in one, and you can swap between the personalities at the press of a button. The different between Econ and Sport is night and day. I frankly don't see the point in normal mode...I guess that's for the folks who really hate Econ.

    I did end up opting for the CVT - more efficient, lazier to drive. I get my share of fun with the paddle shifters :cool:

    Another thing - these things are unusual. Not that many out on the roads, and they stand out when you see one. Can't say the same of the Prius (stands out, spotted everywhere) or the HCH (not as common, blends into the masses). I like it!
  2. Bennett

    Bennett Well-Known Member

    I guess I'm due another update. I'm rarely here these days, mostly on the CR-Z forum.

    With the warmer weather I'm getting very nice mileage. Mostly Econ (some sport mode) and even with my hill-laden commute my last tank was 47.5mpg (128%EPA). That's not something a lot of 2-seater pocket-rockets can claim.

    It's still the most fun car I've driven, with enough fun pick-up at the low end but not enough power at the high end to get me in too much trouble!

    I dabbled a bit in switching up my air intake and, oddly enough, found an interesting arrangement where I could pull off the "cold" intake snorkel that is stock and get it to suck in much warmer air, practically straight off the radiator. This resulted in less power but a few extra mpg... I put it back to stock but I figured I might try running this setup in winter, or maybe just block off the cold intake vent at the front and see what happens.

    One thing I would change about it - it has absolutely no EV-only mode, and no SAHM, both things I could coax the HCH-II to do fairly easily. But that's it - I drove the family to an aquarium trip the other day and missed driving the CR-Z within just a few minutes.

    Apparently in Europe Honda is basically discontinuing it. It's not clear whether that means they're going for a replacement model or just ditching the idea. It was neither a great sports car nor a great hybrid (many conventional cars can get equal or better MPG these days). It is, however, a fantastic compromise.
  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    And a fantastic-looking car, too.
    I have seen exactly ONE on the roads here.
    Thanks for the update, Bennett.
  4. What has the mpg been over the last few tanks?

    Do you think the MT would do better?

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