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    Hello folks,

    I came across this site a few minutes ago while looking at info about the Scan Gauge. I am lucky to live a 10 minute walk from work so I frequently leave my F150 parked at home, but I do typically make one weekly round trip of 150 miles down to Toms River, so I have been recently making some upgrades to eke a few more MPG out out of it. Things like low rolling resistance tires, switching to an electric fan setup, freer flowing exhaust and an economy tune have been some of the things I've done. I've picked up on avg 2.5-3.0 mpg, which doesn't seem like a lot until one remembers my truck averaged 16 mpg in the winter and 17-18 in the summer on the highway prior to the mods. We also have an '02 Focus and a few motorcycles, all of which thankfully get quite a bit more than twice what my truck gets. I'll probably be wandering about the site for the most part, but I wanted to say hello before I did. Cheers in advance for any future tips or advice!


  2. Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome, Dennis. What is your cruising speed on your highway trips ?

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