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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Jerry Liebler, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Jerry Liebler

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    Hello to all!
    I'm a new member here and a relatively new owner of a 2012 plug in Prius. My PIP is a bit unusual in that it is 100% recycled. It has parts from 2 PIPs that were "totaled" by insurance companies. The body is from a survivor of the flooding during hurricane Sandy while the interior and all electronics and wire-ing came from a rollover. Anyway it's all together and I'm really pleased with it. I have put about 4000 trouble free miles on it and am still learning how to drive it. I live in southern Kentucky where there is no such thing as a level road and it's been brutally cold. I've taken one long trip (1600 miles) in it too Florida on which I didn't have any opportunity to charge but managed to get 52 MPG on E10 while driving 55 to 75 MPH. My local driving averages around 20% EV and I get about 60 MPGE. I have my tires inflated to 40,38 and run with grill blocking (75% lower) and use "Torque" to monitor the coolant temp etc. At home I use E0 which I'm sure glad I have available. An interesting observation is that the PIP's computers are very close to actual MPG on the E0 but optimistic by about 5% on E10. I'm sure I can get better fuel economy, especially on the highway having read of a "super highway mode" but how can I find it using "Torque"?
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    Hi Jerry:

    Sounds like you have an interesting PHEV-11. And welcome to CleanMPG.

    SHM is based on throttle Position (TPS) and Ignition timing (IGN). For the speeds you are traveling at however, you will rarely see it. Warp stealth however will be your guide for any descents or coast downs.

    This is just a start and in a few months, your trips to the gas pump will become so infrequent you may wonder when the last time you had to visit it was. :)

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    Welcome, Jerry!

    You have my dream car, though lacking your skills, I must buy a new one. Look forward to your updates.

    Big key on the freeway is slow down and keep it steady except for DWL.
    Big key in town is to time lights and keep her rolling.

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