Looking to boost MPG in Honda Civic '02 EX 4dr

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by chowdan, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. chowdan

    chowdan Member

    Hey everyone!

    I've been reading a bunch of the help thread here!

    I dont currently have a set commute that i follow, however would love for some people to give me advice on what i can do to improve my MPG and what should be expected from my vehicle. I live in downtown Seattle(anyone from here?)

    I have a 4dr Honda Civic 02 EX. Its a 5spd manual which i love.

    I have a few questions and some insight on how i drive and would love for some feedback!

    On the freeway, i drive usually around 50-60mph while try(keyword) to use the pedal lock method.

    What is your method to keeping the pedal at a constant position?
    I've noticed the slightest adjustment(even just moving your toes in your shoe) on the pedal itself will cause the car to go from 50 to 60

    I've increased the tire pressure to the highest psi based on the tirewall specs.

    When sitting idle for longer than 7 seconds, i will shut the car off and turn it on as i see a stop light turn yellow. I've also started to run in neutral when going down hills in the city, often will shut the vehicle off if no one is around and only going straight(trying to keep safety a bit high).

    Also will stick the car in neutral while on a down hill or am expected to come up to a turn. Pretty much when ever possibly i try to run in neutral for as long as possible, without loosing momentum(on down hills of freeways), or when i am expected to stop(few lights ahead light is red).

    Any other tips and tricks that i could to to enhance my MPG?

    Unfortunately i can't afford a scangauge...yet...however as soon as i have the spare money, i will be buying one!

    With normal driving i can get 300MPG on a full tank of gas(possibly upwards of 350-380mpg), however since I am still on my first tank of gas while purely hypermiling, my fuel gauge is currently at 1/2 tank(just hit it), and am sitting at 170mpg which equals about 350mpg for a full tank.

    Should i be expected to get a better MPG with the lower half of the tank than with a full tank? I feel like i should be getting a little better MPG with these new driving methods - but then again, driving location might be playing a roll(living in Seattle)

    Thanks again for everyone's help!!!!
  2. RedylC94

    RedylC94 Well-Known Member

    Other things being equal, there should be practically no difference in mpg, with the second half theoretically being very slightly better due to reduced weight. Be aware, though, that "half of the tank" according to a typical car gas gauge isn't necessarily a close approximation of half the actual tank capacity---just as the gauge reaching "E" doesn't mean the tank is really empty.

    Most of what you're doing seems reasonable.
  3. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Agreed with Red about the tank gauge. In my experience, the "bottom half of the gauge" is always smaller. That is, the top half on the gauge represents more gallons than the bottom half and once you hit half it starts to drop faster.

    Good that it's a manual. What rpm are you shifting at and cruising at? The best answer is "low". There's no need to exceed 2500 rpm in normal driving. Best if you can keep rpm below 2000. Use a fairly heavy foot on the gas pedal, not to the floor but at least halfway. With low rpm this won't be excessively fast.
  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    With your typical Honda manual gearing (low) , up shift as soon as you can. Also , when doing engine-off coasting , make sure the ignition key gets back to the position where the steering won't lock. But what do I know- I have an automatic ! Listen to what Andrew says , he's our Honda manual expert.
  5. chowdan

    chowdan Member

    I try to keep it as low as possible, and after reading what you've just said, i've considerably changed my shift timings.

    Throughout the city, i tend to run around 1500 max usually around +/-1000 rpms(after the shift timing change). I used to shift in the range of 2000-3000, but definitely feasible having it lower using a heavier foot.

    On the freeway 60MPH is around 3000, while 55 is roughly 2200-2500. As such, i am keeping on it usually in the range of 50-55MPH.

    Thanks for the awesome advice from everyone:) Thinking i might pick up one of the low end scangauges within the next month or two:)

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