Gas Prices in USA by State/and Canada by Province/This is [Really-Cool]

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    Click on Link Below:

    Search by US Zip Code
    Gas Prices by State/Province

    United States Average Gas Prices

    10 Lowest By State 10 Lowest By City
    State Price Trend
    Idaho 2.318
    Wyoming 2.339
    Utah 2.347
    Montana 2.385
    Alaska 2.464
    New Jersey 2.493
    Missouri 2.553
    South Carolina 2.559
    Iowa 2.567
    Massachusetts 2.574
    City Price Trend
    Boise 2.275
    Salt Lake City 2.282
    Oklahoma City 2.496
    Colorado Springs 2.502
    Trenton 2.504
    Tulsa 2.509
    Anchorage 2.510
    Quad Cities 2.518
    Denver 2.539
    Kansas City 2.540

    Canada Average Gas Prices
    5 Lowest By Province 5 Lowest By City
    Province Price Trend
    Alberta 98.500
    Ontario 100.704
    Manitoba 102.865
    Saskatchewan 103.918
    British Columbia 105.704
    City Price Trend
    Calgary 98.296
    Edmonton 98.352
    Hamilton 100.536
    London 100.973
    Toronto 101.832
  2. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    Re: Gas Prices in USA by State/and Canada by Province/This is [Really-Cool}

    for BC i saw 1.10 a Litre on my way to sushi.

    my friends still can't break that habit, when i told him to "Let off the accel you'll get there." He kept putting a tiny bit of accel for just in case if I don't make it feeling...

    some people don't believe that their cars can coast that well, SHOW THEM.
  3. xcel

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    Hi Terry:

    ___I have been using Gas Buddy for years. There is a Shell and Mobil station across the street from one another in Gurnee, IL that have been discussed to death in the Illinois forums over that same period. The Mobil station is usually $0.10 - $0.25 higher then the Shell and nobody understands how the Mobil stays in business other then the fact they have the tow truck contract for about 20 miles of the Tri-State which is just 2 blocks away?

    ___Just placing a local face on Gas Buddy as there can be some interesting and lively discussions in your local Gas Buddy forums once you start digging ;)

    ___Good Luck

  4. AZBrandon

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    I personally find their forums incredibly hard to deal with. Way, WAY too much of the tinfoil hat types over there convinced that everything is a conspiracy of some time. There's the Big Oil conspiracies, the CIA hiding 100mpg carb theories, the (insert political party here) is manipulating the media conspiracies, and so on. Not to mention the overall intelligence level on there is quite poor. Spelling, gramatical, and simple fact-checking errors galore!
  5. xcel

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    Hi Brandon:

    ___I didn’t say they had the intellectual capabilities of a CleanMPG member but I do find the Mobil vs. Shell threads entertaining ;)

    ___Good Luck


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