Wood Car Takes Automakers Back to Future in Mileage Quest

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by JohnM, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. JohnM

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    Surfers rejoice. Woodie cars like the Ford in the 1960s hit Surf City may be making a comeback -- of sorts.

    In a bid to resurrect wood cars, Finnish papermaker UPM-Kymmene Oyj (UPM1V) will show a street-legal prototype at the Geneva motor show in March. The eco-friendly car is built on a frame that uses tree pulp and plywood and even runs on fuel made from bark, stumps and branches.

    It’s more than just a marketing stunt. The Helsinki-based company has developed technology that makes lumber a potential option for the auto industry.

  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Didn't Morgan build some cars with wooden frames in the 40s or 50s ?

    When my dad was a boy, he built a go-kart with a wooden frame. It had a washing-machine engine. Yes, I said engine , not motor.
  3. RedylC94

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    Yes, and beyond.

    Funny about that go-cart, because my uncle did the same, except the contraption he built for his son better resembled a lawn tractor. It had a Maytag engine and (I believe?) a Model A transmission. The one time my (older) cousin gave me a ride on it, a policeman stopped us for questioning. Of course the thing wasn't street-legal.
  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I grew up in an unincorporated but not completely rural area. We didn't worry about those things.

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