BMW of North America Announces Corporate Communications Leadership Change

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    Remember all of the Executive changes going on all over the place? Here’s another but this time its movement, not ouster apparently? Mid level Execs only this time around as well.

    Dirk Arnold, currently Vice President, Corporate Communications Americas, returns to Munich to become VP Global.

    BMW in the U.S. announced a change in its North America senior management team effective January 1, 2014.

    Alexander Bilgeri, currently Head of Business, Finance and Sustainability Communications for the BMW Group in Munich, will become VP, Corporate Communications Americas succeeding Dirk Arnold who returns to Munich to become VP, Global Product, Technology and Sport Communications, Press and PR Events.

    In his new role, Alexander Bilgeri will be responsible for leading the Corporate Communications function in the Americas region, encompassing all BMW Group markets in North, Central and South America. He joined the BMW Group in 2004, first as head of PR activities in Berlin, then as spokesperson for the German market, and in 2010 becoming Senior Manager, Corporate Communications and Government Affairs in Munich.

    Dirk Arnold returns to BMW Group HQ in Munich and will be responsible for all international product launches, communications activities regarding technology and sports, including Motorsports, and all major product events, including auto shows, around the world.

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