Boston Consulting Names Kia to the List of Most Recommended Brands

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    [fimg=left][/fimg]Kia Tops the Automotive Segment and Outpaces the Industry Average

    Kia was named one of 2013's Most Recommended Brands by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) as the automaker continues to attract positive word-of-mouth recommendations. BCG unveiled its list of most recommended brands in five diverse product categories across five countries in its December report.

    BCG surveyed 32,000 people to compile its list of 55 brands spread across five industries and five countries. Each organization achieved its position by placing among the top three brands in its respective product category and country, as measured by BCG's new strategic metric, which measures word-of-mouth recommendations known as the Brand Advocacy Index (BAI). This index demonstrates a strong correlation with top-line growth and helps identify concrete actions to improve advocacy.

    With sales essentially stalled, I am not sure exactly what this releases is supposed to mean either?

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