1955 French movie-RIFIFI- cool car??

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by phoebeisis, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Anyone out there know what that cool car is -the one the jewel thieves made a getaway in-
    I got hooked into watching a 1955 French movie-RIFIFI-
    Normally not much on subtitles-but this AM the movie on TCM caught my attention
    Anyway-there was a really cool looking car the jewel robbers made their get away in.
    Had suicide front doors I think?

    Anyway it was nothing like the dowdy french cars-Simcas Renault Dauphines that were imported here in the early 1960's
    Heck if they had looked like that-they would have sold better.

    Anyone know what it was?? Film Noir-RIFIFI- 1955-cool car(stolen if my guess was correct on what the cop had written in his notebook)
    Oh the beat cops-were on bicycles!
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    Here is a photo list of all the vehicles in that movie.

    Rififi vehicles

    Isn't the Internet great or what. :D
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  3. phoebeisis

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    Hey thanks!!
    Guess all those 1950's USA cars have something to do with why the movie caught my eye

    The 1954 Citroen 11 Legere Normale "Traction" is the one that really caught my eye.
    Heck if they had exported that car....
    PS I thought I saw a Rambler station wagon-sure enough one was in it!

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