2013 Prius PHEV-11 “Deals” Are Back

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    Toyota Recalls Certain 2012 - 2015 Prius Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

    Toyota announced that it is conducting separate safety recalls in the U.S. of approximately 39,900 Model Year 2012 - 2015 Prius PHEVs.

    Prius PHEVs contain an Electric Vehicle (EV) fuse which may malfunction if the vehicle is repeatedly operated in EV mode under high-load driving conditions, such as during a long hill climb. If the fuse malfunctions, warning lights and warning messages will illuminate. In some cases, the vehicle can be driven, but with reduced power. In other cases, the hybrid system could shut down, resulting in the loss of motive power. Power steering and braking will not be affected. Loss of motive power while driving at higher speeds can increase the risk of a crash.

    Toyota dealers will replace the fuse with an improved one at no cost to customers. All known owners will receive a notification by first-class mail starting in January 2018.
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    Hi All:

    The deals on this one continue...

    PG&E, the electric supplier to my son in San Francisco is offering a $500 rebate for PHEV/BEV drivers.

    PG&E Launches $500 Rebate for Electric Vehicle Drivers

    After about 10-minutes of input including registration info, my son will be receiving a $500 check.

    Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced the launch of the Clean Fuel Rebate for residential, electric customers who are electric vehicle (EV) drivers. The new Clean Fuel Rebate is part of California's statewide Low Carbon Fuel Standard initiative, which aims to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the adoption of clean fuels like electricity. Transportation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in California at 40 percent.

    Today, each mile driven using electricity reduces vehicle-related greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 70 percent, compared to gasoline-powered cars. The electricity fueling EVs in California comes from one of the cleanest energy mixes in the country – PG&E delivers more than 58 percent of electricity to customers from greenhouse gas-free resources.

    Key facts about the Clean Fuel Rebate

    What is the rebate? The Clean Fuel Rebate is a one-time rebate of $500 starting in January 2017. For using electricity as a clean transportation fuel, eligible EV owners can receive one rebate per owned or leased EV.

    Where does the money for the rebate come from? By participating in the statewide Low Carbon Fuel Standard program, PG&E generates credits for the clean electricity it provides to customers who charge their EVs at home. After selling these credits to regulated parties, PG&E returns the revenue to customers driving EVs through the new Clean Fuel Rebate.

    Who can apply? PG&E residential customers with active electric service who own or lease a battery EV or plug-in hybrid EV can apply for the rebate. A PG&E account holder may also apply on behalf of a vehicle owner in their household or a tenant in a multi-unit dwelling with the vehicle owner's permission. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) customers are also eligible to apply. Since the Clean Fuel Rebate comes from a statewide program, residents who have electric service from another provider in California may be eligible for a similar rebate from their electric utility.

    What do customers need in order to apply? Customers need their PG&E account number and vehicle registration documentation for their EV.

    When can customers apply? The rebate is available for EV drivers starting now. The amount of the rebate is subject to change after 2017 due to market conditions.
    Where can customers learn more and apply? Learn more about the rebate and apply via a simple online application at Clean Fuel Rebate.

    PG&E's ongoing commitment to EVs

    PG&E is partnering with EV charging companies to further EV adoption by building out charging infrastructure across Northern and Central California. This program focuses on extending charging access to places where it has traditionally been limited including workplaces, multi-unit dwellings and disadvantaged communities.

    PG&E offers resources to help customers driving EVs learn more and determine which rate makes sense for them. Customers can choose from rates that are equivalent to about $1.00 per gallon of gasoline for overnight charging. Additionally, PG&E helps EV drivers who add EV charging at their households manage their electricity bills.

    For more information on the Clean Fuel Rebate, please visit Clean Fuel Rebate. To learn more about EVs, rates for EV drivers and other resources, visit PG&E EV Commitment.


    For the 2018 - 2020, there is an additional up o $200 off per year for customers of San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE) which we are part.

    Electric Vehicle Climate Credit.

    Nearly 7,000 SDG&E customers received a $200 credit for driving a clean vehicle in 2017. Customers who own or lease an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle received the credit as part of the California Air Resources Board’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California.

    In total, SDG&E distributed over $1.4M through the Electric Vehicle Climate Credit program. The program is closed for 2017 and will reopen again early next year. Join our 2018 interest list so we can notify you when the program is available.

    If you applied for the credit in 2017 and you’re still driving an electric vehicle in 2018, you’re eligible to apply again. We’ll contact you when it’s time to apply.

    Information about the program

    The Electric Vehicle Climate Credit is part of a statewide greenhouse gas reduction program administered by the California Air Resources Board. The program is not funded by utility rates but by regulation meant to increase the adoption of clean-vehicle fuels such as electricity.

    If you own or lease your electric vehicle, you'll be able to apply for the credit every year until the funding period ends in 2020.

    Those who qualify will receive a credit on their SDG&E bill within two billing cycles of the program closing in 2018. This credit is only for electric vehicles registered at a residence, not for commercial fleets.

    How to qualify

    If you own or lease an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle and you live in the area served by SDG&E, then you may qualify for the Electric Vehicle Climate Credit.

    To apply, you'll need:
    • A copy of your CA DMV registration card (or new vehicle dealer notice of temporary identification). This will have to be uploaded to your application. Click here to see examples of correctly captured images: DMV Registration Card Example.

      To make sure you capture a clean image, before you take the photo, place the resgistration card on a flat, smooth surface with ample light on a dark background.

      The only form we will accept is your DMV registration. We will not accept titles, renewable notices, lease contracts and/or new registration forms without the address and name shown.

      Carts and motorcycles unfortunately do not qualify for this program.

    • To be the registered owner of the EV in the area served by SDG&E
    • Your SDG&E residential account number (if applicable)

    I hope either of these two programs can help you if you are Central or Southern Calif. area resident?

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