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Discussion in 'General' started by CoasterToasterXB, Aug 8, 2013.

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    I have been following Tesla for a while. Recently someone was driving a Tesla S near my house, and my mouth hit the floor. My wife set up a test drive for me. The car showroom was in a mall! The salesman gave me the in and outs of it before we got in the car. Andy the salesman was super nice. The car is stunning!!! I get into a dark, super trimmed out sport version. The car is a rocket!! The touch screen is bigger than my computer monitor! Once you start driving, you don't want to stop. The regen brakes take some getting use to! We took some curves like a champ. It reminded me of the slot cars that I had as a kid. On one long stretch of road, I launched to 70mph in a heart beat! The only thing that prevented me from going faster was the police and Andy the salesman. After the test drive I cried. Going back to my Wifes Toyota Camry Hybrid:(
    Things will never be the same:D
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    HI Coaster:

    While the Tesla S is a modern supercar, it is not free of drawbacks. The next time you head out on a long road trip...

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    I recently had my first EV drive, test driving an iMIEV. Seemed pretty peppy. I wonder which is quicker?
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    I actually saw TWO iMiev's in one day. One of them passed me on the expressway doing about 65 MPH. The other one was in a parking lot , so I was able to walk around it and take a good look. It's small and odd-looking. In other words , I LIKE it. Too bad there is next to no promotion and relatively few dealers for this car.

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