Are You Using Top Tier Gasoline?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Yes. Each compartment is a complete delivery... Ie, 1,000 gallons of premium for Exxon, 3,000 gallons of regular for Shell, etc. The truck does not have a means of pumping or metering the delivery. The entire delivery of a particular product is placed in one compartment, and when the truck arrives on site, it empties the entire compartment into the designated tank via gravity feed.

    Say for instance you have a tanker truck with 5 compartments. You can place 1,000 gallons of Premium in compartment one, 1,200 gallons of midgrade in #2, and 4,000 in #3. You still have 2 compartments left, you can go to another station and just deliver Kerosene and diesel...
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    Wow , I had no idea. It makes sense , though.
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    Buy the cheapest stuff. It probably has enough detergent and if a delivery mistake is made, you get a free upgrade. With "top tier" you're mostly just adding to their bottom line and mistakes (intentional or not) are a real ripoff.
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    Yeah, I used to manage a fuel station. I know all too well the delivery process, and the stuff that can go wrong. Fortunately, our station sold so much fuel that we had a delivery every day (except Sunday), and the truck had so much fuel on it that everything on it was for us. I would see the paperwork, and sometimes it was Citgo, sometimes it was Exxon, sometimes Crown, sometimes Shell... Whatever was cheapest that day is what we got.
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    Thanks for sharing. Good to have inside knowledge.

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