Are You Using Top Tier Gasoline?

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    [​IMG][​IMG]Maybe you should.

    [fflash=left][/fflash]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - July 21, 2013

    Top Tier Detergent Gasoline

    Shell Canada achieved TOP TIER status from in each grade of its gasoline (Bronze, Silver and premium V-Power) back in 2011 with a higher level of detergents than required by the Canadian General Standards Board.

    Shell was the first national fuel company not only to meet these standards but to exceed them.

    Earlier this month, BP announced that it joined the automotive industry’s TOP TIER program for gasoline detergency standards.

    Although all three BP-branded gasoline grades treated with the company’s proprietary Invigorate additive have always exceeded the TOP TIER standard for detergency, the company formally joined the program on late last month.

    TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline is the premier standard for gasoline performance. Seven of the world's largest automakers including BMW, GM, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi recognize that the current EPA minimum detergent requirements does not go far enough.

    Amy Abraham, BP VP of Marketing and Communications:
    Since the minimum additive performance standards were first established by EPA in 1995, most gasoline marketers have actually reduced the concentration level of detergent additive in their gasoline by up to 50%. As a result, the ability of a vehicle to maintain stringent Tier 2 emission standards have been hampered, leading to engine deposits which can have an impact on in-use emissions.

    The following automakers have raised the bar.

    TOP TIER Gasoline Retailers in the US include the following:
    • 76 Stations
    • Aloha Petroleum
    • BP
    • Chevron
    • Conoco
    • CountryMark
    • Exxon
    • Hawaii Fueling Network (HFN)
    • Holiday Stationstores, Inc.
    • Kwik Trip / Kwik Star
    • MFA Oil Co.
    • Mileage Stations
    • Mobil
    • Ohana Fuels
    • Phillips 66
    • Quik Trip
    • Road Ranger
    • Scheirl Oil
    • Shell
    • Texaco
    • Tri-Par Oil Co.
    • U.S. Oil
    TOP TIER Gasoline Retailers in Canada
    • Chevron Canada
    • Esso
    • Petro-Canada
    • Shell Canada
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  2. thunderstruck

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    Interesting. Could be the reason Hyundai recommends use of Techron in gasoline at every oil change interval. (every 10K?)
  3. 08EscapeHybrid

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    I don't buy "top tier" because none of the "top tier" suppliers sell ethanol free fuel in my area.
  4. RichXKU

    RichXKU Well-Known Member

    interesting, Sunoco not on the list.
  5. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    that's why once in a blue moon after filling with cheap gas (almost 20 cents a liter cheaper than your big boys!) I pump a full tank of shell just to offset the difference ;)
  6. Been using it every since I got this 2012 van and read it was recommended in the owners manual.

    That is if ALL Shells and Mobils are Top Tier. Havent seen anything to say they are at either station in town.
  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Nice to see that BP has finally joined up. I always thought they were top tier , but now they are Top Tier.

    NOBODY within 75 miles of me sells ethanol-free gasoline.
  8. 08EscapeHybrid

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    I have to go 50 miles, but I end up out in that area about every week and a half, so I can purchase most of my fuel there. As an added bonus, I usually buy E0 for less than I'd pay for E10 around home.
  9. DaveJ

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    From the Top tier website.....

    "Gasoline retailers must meet the high TOP TIER standards with all grades of gasoline to be approved by the automakers as providing TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline.

    In addition, all gasoline outlets carrying the brand of the approved retailer must meet the TOP TIER standards."

    So the way I read it, all stations and all grades of the brand must meet it. If it is on the list, it meets it. No stations in my area say anything about it that I have seen.
  10. Mendel Leisk

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    Sounds kind of like ISO certification...
  11. rfruth

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  12. moneysaver

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    Here are the stations that are E0 ..... so along with TT, you can get E0, but most of it are 91 grade or higher..... so those who use 87 Octane, including me, might have to pay more for it.....
  13. rickkop

    rickkop Active Member

    I have been using Fastrac gas. It is not listed as Top Tier but is listing as being ethanol free. I wonder which is better? Top Tier or ethanol free.
  14. digidug

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    I heard (maybe on cleanmpg?) that they all get their gas from the same place so brand doesn't matter. Do they really truck the gas somewhere, add their own special additives and then truck it out for distribution? If so, that's news to me.
  15. DaveJ

    DaveJ Well-Known Member


    6 year old article, but I would guess it is true.


    Nevertheless, brands that are additive-conscious can be pretty picky.

    "When my driver goes into a (bulk fuel) terminal, it's all computerized. He punches in that he's picking up a specific brand, and that brand's additive package gets injected while the truck is being filled," says Jinger Duryea, president of C.N. Brown, a petroleum distributor and retailer based in South Paris, Maine, that operates 80 Big Apple convenience stores selling a variety of branded and unbranded gasoline. Her drivers sometimes have filled up with bulk gasoline, then had to stop at a branded terminal for that brand's additives when the bulk terminal was out, she says.

    Further clouding the question of what is good gas, brands often sell one another's fuels.

    "Gasoline is fungible. Marathon can market Shell or Mobil gas, for example," says Darlington, the consultant and fuels expert. Marathon stations "normally get it from a Marathon refinery, but if something happens to a Marathon refinery and there's a pipeline where they can get Mobil and market it as Marathon, that's the way it is," he says.

    The substitute fuel might contain a different additive package, but it's supposed to be at least as effective as what the station normally sells.

    If motorists don't buy into the Top Tier ratings, how can they tell what fuels are risky? Says Herwick: "It's difficult for the average person to determine."
  16. PaleMelanesian

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    I have personally seen the same truck filling a Shell, Texaco and Exxon station on the same day. I was out running errands and looking at gas prices along the way.
  17. thunderstruck

    thunderstruck Super Moderator

    As I did several years ago. I stopped at Speedway and the tanker truck was wrapping up and about to leave. I filled up, got in my car and was behind him since he was going the same way I was. He gets a block away to the Shell station on the corner, and in he goes!
  18. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    You realize that the tanker trucks are compartmentalized on the inside, right?
  19. thunderstruck

    thunderstruck Super Moderator

    For different fuels i.e. diesel and kerosene, yes. Are you saying they separate by brand? They wouldn't be pumping much at each stop if that were the case.
  20. Bruce

    Bruce cheapskate

    If you need more detergent in your gas, a $1 bottle of house-brand additives from Walmart will treat a tankful.

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