Leaving Volt at Home for a Week

Discussion in 'Chevrolet Volt' started by rmcmast, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    I'm taking a trip to Dallas in a few weeks for business and we'll be taking the C-Max. We need the extra room for luggage and I wouldn't be able to plug in on the way. Any thoughts on if I should leave the Volt plugged in or not?
  2. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    New business opportunity: EV/plugin sitting service.
  3. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    If I could combine that with a reasonable dog sitting fee I could save on boarding.
  4. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    Hi Rick,

    Here's some advice from Volt owners specific to wintertime
    disuse, but some of this may be adapted:


    The 15-minute charging per day regimen seems interesting.

    I suspect 1 week won't have much impact, provided the temperature
    isn't very high, and perhaps the state of charge is not 100%?

    Good luck,
  5. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    Thanks. It sounds like for shorter periods of time just keep it plugged in. I know it regulates the battery temp when plugged in and I can hear the fan running sometimes when it's charging.
  6. southerncannuck

    southerncannuck Well-Known Member

    I read that and actually read your header to see your location.:D

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