Prius died on the road

Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by MadMan2k, Jun 10, 2013.

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    If it was a certified Toyota, it was supposed to be checked out really well. That should take care of it.
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    AAA isn't the best choice, even ignoring their politics and hostility towards hypermiling. For those of us who live in the West and like to go actually get out and enjoy our scenery, it's also important to know that they will ONLY tow you from a US, state or county road.

    If you break down on a Forest Service road -- and we have several times more miles of FS roads in the West than all federal, state and county roads combined -- they will not even come get you, even with their top level plan. Even if it's a major FS road with lots of traffic, with everyone and their cousin hauling their boat to the lake. Even if it's on a paved FS road -- as most of the major 2-digit roads are. Even if, as happened to me once, you're on a major paved FS road, just two miles down from where it stopped being a county road, and within walking distance from a pay phone (talk about NOT being in the middle of nowhere!). But even though I had their top plan, AAA wouldn't even send a truck my way. Maybe AAA is OK east of the Rockies where every significant road is at least a county road, but their eastern-based policies don't understand the real world out here.

    So screw AAA. I got Allstate's top policy (actually intended for RVs, but also covers cars), which DOES cover all "regularly traveled roads".
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    An inverter failure isn't a good sign. There is active cooling of the inverter so if it failed due to overheating it suggests a possible problem with the coolant pump.

    67k on my 2010 purchased in December 2009 and my only significant problem with the car has been the hinge on oil change door of the belly pan failing, a known design weakness. I know Mendel avoids the problem by removing the whole pan when doing oil changes. I got them to put ties on the new one to take some stress off the hinge and as a back up in case of hinge failure. Anything else has been our own stupid faults.

    Years of ownership: ~3.5
    Gas usage: 65,904 miles using 1253.21 gallons at 52.59mpg
    Total gas cost: $4,172.50
    Fuel cost savings compared to 35mpg: $2,094.95
    We started over 20kmi per year but this year will probably only be 16.5kmi. Still, I'm thinking it won't have been a bad purchase.

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