Convert Civic to propane ?

Discussion in 'General' started by wannabeclean, May 28, 2007.

  1. wannabeclean

    wannabeclean Well-Known Member

    How hard would it be to convert my '93 Civic to run on propane ?

    I'm wanting to reduce my emissions as much as possible for the times that I need to drive the car.

    I saw an article on the internet that stated that newer cars with fuel injection wouldn't really benefit from a propane conversion and that mainly cars that have a carberator would see a drastic reduction in emissions.

    Is this true ? If so, it doesn't seem like it would be worth it.

    What are the drawbacks to running on propane ?

    I'd like to make the car an EV, but I need to do something quickly since I need the car to get to work and back and can.t afford to have the car out of comission for 6months.
  2. Sortin

    Sortin Member

    A few things to consider:

    How much will a propane conversion cost?
    Where will you get propane to legally run in your car?
    Propane contains less energy, therefore you will get lower mileage from the same volume of gas. I'm guessing your Civic has a 10-12 gallon tank. You'll need to fill up more often.

    My suggestion is to spend the money on maintenance instead of a propane conversion. You will probably have a very hard time re-selling a propane converted '93 Civic, but will have no trouble at all selling a well-maintained '93 Civic. Put the money you get re-selling it towards the premium on a hybrid, if that's your end-goal.
  3. krousdb

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    I have a friend in Alberta Canada that has a Chevy S-10 that runs on propane. He mentioned that he takes a 10% hit on FE. He fills at a propane filling station for the equivalent of $2/gallon of gasoline. His motivation was lower fuel cost. I think they pay about $5/gallon in Canada right now.
  4. liveforphysics

    liveforphysics New Member

    I've converted 3 different vehicles to propane. It's never cost more than $500 for the conversion.

    Engines run very well on propane, and I've always been pleased. It's quite simple to convert.
  5. I've just been introduced to the idea of converting over to propane. I have an older Audi that is fuel injected that I would like to convert. I've seen some articles on how to convert engines with a carb. but not fuel injection.

    Have any of your conversions been on fuel injected cars?
  6. DJ Hydrogen

    DJ Hydrogen New Member

    anyone got any advice on this? I'm doing a 92 Accord in the same fashion, and will convert to electric when batteries get a little lighter, cheaper, etc, but for now, "hank" is gonna run on propane. I'm in SoCal and ANY help is appreciated.

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