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    Sorry for posting a new thread, my search function is acting up.. if you recall Bloom Box is the solid oxide fuel cell that Khosla pushed heavily a few tears ago.. its a neat idea, produces electricity directly from natural gas.

    Sunnyvale Green Energy Firm Fined For Underpaying Workers From Mexico

    "Bloom Energy Corp. has been ordered by a U.S. District Court Judge to pay $31,922 in back wages and an equal amount in liquidated damages to employees from Mexico after the company was found to have willfully violated the minimum wage, overtime and record-keeping provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

    Bloom, a manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cells, has been paying 14 workers brought to the United States from Chihuahua, Mexico less than $3 per hour for refurbishing work performed at the company headquarters in Sunnyvale.

    The Department of Labor told KPIX 5 that the employees were skilled workers and they were in the United States on visitors’ visas, which does not allow them to work."

    video at the link..

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