VWs Platinum LEED Certified Chattanooga, TN Manufacturing Facility Gets “Greener”

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    [​IMG] Largest solar power installation at a U.S. auto plant set for Day light operation.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Jan. 24, 2013

    33-acres worth… It’s Huge!

    Yesterday Volkswagen “powered up” the largest solar installation at an automotive manufacturing facility in the United States and the biggest solar installation in the entire state of Tennessee. At the ceremony, VIPs flipped a switch to signal the official opening of the “Volkswagen Chattanooga Solar Park”.

    The solar installation is in addition to the highly-coveted LEED Platinum certification to VW by the U.S Green Building Council in late 2011. At that time, the Building Council called the Chattanooga manufacturing facility “the world’s greenest auto plant” and noted it was the first automotive manufacturing plant in the world to receive the top LEED certification. Today, the Chattanooga plant remains the only auto plant worldwide to earn the LEED Platinum certification.

    VW Earns Platinum While Honda and GM Earn Gold

    The VW Chattanooga Solar Park occupies 33 acres, or half of the 66-acre land parcel adjacent to VW’s manufacturing facility. The solar park contains 33,600 solar modules from JA Solar designed to produce 13.1 gigawatt hours of electricity per year -- equivalent to the energy consumed annually by around 1,200 homes in the area.

    The electricity produced from the solar park is expected to meet 12.5% of the energy needs of Volkswagen’s Chattanooga manufacturing plant during full production and 100% during non-production periods.

    For VW, the solar park in Chattanooga will be the automaker’s largest photovoltaic installation worldwide.

    To put the size into perspective, Passat manufacturing occurs in the white buildings in the background.​

    Unlike some companies that install solar facilities in order to sell electricity back to utilities, VW will consume 100% of the electricity generated. Ten SMA inverters will convert the solar energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to be used to power the electrical installations in the manufacturing plant.

    Silicon Ranch will own the solar park and sell the electricity to Volkswagen under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Phoenix Solar provided the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to build the solar park over the last six months.

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    Looks to me like there's space on top of the plant for more a good deal more. Such a waste. of roof space. :(
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    Tennessee Chamber Awards VW Chattanooga Outstanding Achievement in Solid Waste Management

    VW of America Chattanooga Operations received the Outstanding Achievement in Solid Waste Management award at the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s 35th Annual Environmental & Energy Awards.


    The award recognizes Volkswagen Chattanooga for its efforts in recycling waste concrete created during the expansion of the Chattanooga factory for the midsize SUV, the Volkswagen Atlas, ultimately saving the company over $800,000.

    Anthony Lytle, Construction Planning for VW Chattanooga:
    Throughout the midsize SUV expansion process, nearly 37,000 tons of concrete were excavated from the site, potentially creating over 18,300 cubic yards of landfill space. The VW Chattanooga construction and environmental team developed a plan to crush and reuse the waste concrete for onsite infrastructure and expansion efforts.

    Waste concrete was hauled to an onsite crusher and processed into various sizes to be used throughout the facility. Seventy-five percent was used as beds for Roll Compacted Concrete (RCC) parking and roadways. The remaining concrete continues to be repurposed for gravel patrol roads, walking paths, landscaping, and erosion control.
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    VW Chattanooga Builds the 700,000TH Passat

    Hi All:


    VW Chattanooga has achieved a production milestone with the completion of the 700,000th Volkswagen Passat assembled in Chattanooga.

    Assembled in the LEED Platinum-certified production facility in Chattanooga Tennessee, the 700,000th Passat was a 2018 Passat GT, finished in Reflex Silver, with two-tone black and grey interior. The limited-edition model uses the 3.6L V6 and a 6-speed dual-clutch AT.

    The 2018 Passat GT was designed by the company’s North American engineering hub in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and its Design Center in California based on extensive feedback from U.S. customers and dealers.

    In addition to the Passat, VWs Chattanooga currently assembles the Volkswagen Atlas, the 7-passenger, midsize SUV. In March, VWs also announced that Chattanooga will be the production home of the all-new five-seater SUV, a variant of the seven-passenger Atlas, built on the same MQB platform.

    The 700,000th Volkswagen Passat will be commemorated on Volkswagen Chattanooga’s social media pages, as the assembly of the car was followed from the body shop, to paint shop and to its final stop at the assembly shop.

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