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  1. kjdjunk

    kjdjunk New Member

    New to the site, it looks very interesting. I drive a 2006 Chev. Colorado whenever we are in Mn.
    We winter in Gold Canyon Az in winter and have a 2010 Ford Ranger. The two pick ups are my hobby. Am retired, am a Marine And a very proud American. DJ
  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Welcome to Cleanmpg , DJ. There are a lot of resources and advice available here for anyone who wants to maximize their fuel efficiency.
  3. Welcome. What motor & trans in the Colorado?

    Edit - never mind. Just saw it :)
  4. kjdjunk

    kjdjunk New Member

    The colorado has a 2.8 L with a 5 speed manuel Trans. Do like both. Del primary cat., ported tb

    PCM cal. ECU, cowl windshield cowl air intake with Spectrie in line filter. Has about 80,000 on it.Have had lots of fun . Get 32mpg Ecomoding . DJ
  5. greendriver

    greendriver Well-Known Member

    Welcome kjdjunk- I second what ETM said :woot:
  6. yaris12

    yaris12 Member

    2012 yaris 5 speed manual and I want to beat epa ratings more. I am at 40 mpg for the last 9 months with 30% city driving.

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