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    [​IMG] 100,000 new employees since 2007.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Dec. 30, 2012

    2013 VW Passat – Approximately 10,000 per month are coming off the Chattanooga, TN line which just 5-years ago was an empty field and former Super Fund site.

    Since 2007, VW including its wholly owned subsidiaries has increased its total workforces by approximately 225,000 employees, representing an increase of 70 percent. This increase includes 100,000 new jobs created around the globe plus approximately 125,000 employees of companies newly integrated into the Group. As of the end of November, the Volkswagen Group employed about 550,000 women and men, including about 16,000 apprentices.

    For Chattanooga in particular, it has been a blessing in disguise. Last July when Volkswagen announced it had added a third shift just one year after its opening, site employee numbers swelled to over 3,300 from the 2,000 VW had originally promised to hire when they announced the plant site in 2008. For 2013, the plant will be capable of producing 180,000 Passat’s per year, 30,000 more than its original designed capacity.

    This is just one of tens of new VW production facilities going online around the world with similar success.

    The Volkswagen Group today consists of Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, MAN, Lamborghini, Porsche, Scania, SEAT, Skoda and of course VW itself.

    In 2007, when the new Group directors adopted “Strategy 2018”, the conglomerate had approximately 325,000 employees worldwide. Some 550,000 people now work for the Group including 100,000 newly hires. 125,000 of the total came with Scania, MAN, and Porsche Holding Salzburg, as well as Porsche AG and Ducati after expansion of the brand through corporate buyouts.

    Human Resources Board Member Dr. Neumann:
    As of the end of November, the VW Group employed 249,000 people (end of 2011: 220,000) in Germany alone and 550,000 throughout the world (end of 2011: 502,000) while delivering a record 8.29 million automobiles worldwide between January 1st and November 30th of 2011. This was compared to 7.51 million vehicles sold in 2011 through the same 11-month calendar period.

    A Global Corporate comparison from what I could find over the last hour are listed below:
    • Toyota will sell an estimated 9.9 million vehicles in 2012 with approximately 396,000 employees worldwide.
    • GM will sell an estimated 9.4 million vehicles in 2012 with approximately 213,000 employees worldwide.
    • VW will sell an estimated 9.0 million vehicles in 2012 with approximately 550,000 employees worldwide.
    • Ford will sell an estimated 5.6 million vehicles in 2012 with approximately 166,000 employees worldwide.
    • Hyundai will sell an estimated 4.4 million vehicles in 2012 with approximately 80,000 employees worldwide.
    • Honda will sell an estimate 4.2 million vehicles in 2012 with approximately 212,000 employees worldwide.
    The number of VW and Hyundai employees listed worldwide appears to be far outside an upper and lower norm compared to the rest?
  2. How far reaching is the employee count? Just factory and the suits? Or as far down the line as the dealerships?

    I remember when I was sales at a Chevy dealer, I wasn't considered a gm employee, but the parts counter guy was.
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    Hi James:

    Not the dealership but the line worker all the way up to the Top Exec. On second thought, I did see VW mention in a number of articles when writing this up about dealer associates so they may include those employees in their numbers?

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    There is a lot of duplication in the VW group. Each company is run as a stand-alone company, with their own boards, design facilities, manufacturing, and so on.
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    If the rest of the VW lineup is anything like my 2011 Touareg TDI Sport this success story is easy to understand.

    After 25k miles not one squeak or rattle. It has been flawless. The shift programing of the Aisin 8 speed in conjunction with the torque curve of the 3.0 TDI is automotive perfection.

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