Ford’s Goofy C-MAX Hybrid Commercial

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Oct 5, 2012.

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    It's my post and Sean beat me to it :eyebrow:
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    Hi Sean and AATG:

    Ahh, yes, I saw that.

    I am considering taking Paymaster up on his offer to swap the GS 450h that arrives in < 2 weeks for his C-MAX for a day so I can perform an aFCD offset calibration, possibly even a max effort highway drive, and then knock out the 45 - 70 mph steady state FE results afterward. Probably just the steady state and calibration during those tests but IIRC, the C-MAX only has one aFCD removing that gas saving measure? Rmcmast or Paymaster, can you let me know about that as I do not remember seeing a second aFCD???

    As you can tell by my coverage, the C-MAX and C-MAX Energi from its EPA to interior has me intrigued but the real world is adding a lot more questions than answers :(

    From the Edmunds drive (34 in the C-MAX/38 in the v), AATG's 52 in the v/47 in the C-MAX), Jesse's 55 mph 43 mpg results and even my own idea as to the what the Prius v is worth at 55, 60 and 65 mph, the questions certainly need to be answered.

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    Not to sound like an idiot but by aFSD I assume you mean average fuel consumption display? There are 2 trip odometers, a lifetime average which we can reset as needed, an average that goes until you reset it and every time you shut off the car it shows the MPG and fuel used for that trip. Does that help?

    I know you said you were busy for a while but I do have an HCHII in my driveway wanting to be driven(it is going to my son but unfortunately he is unemployed at the moment) so whenever your schedule allows the offer is there - no need to wait for a swap. No pressure though:)
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    Hi Paymaster:

    Yes, the aFCD is the average fuel consumption display.

    If there are two aFCDs that are re-settable, I would like to go top off, perform a 45 mph (reset the first aFCD prior to start), 50 mph (reset the same aFCD prior to start), 55 mph (reset the same aFCD prior to start), 60 mph (reset the same aFCD prior to start), 65 mph (reset the same aFCD prior to start) and 70 mph (reset the same aFCD prior to start) steady state CC induced Speed vs. FE with the aFCD readings at each speed. I have elevation, actual distance covered; wind and temperature offset rules that need to be applied as well. After all of the steady state speed fuel economy tests are complete, I need then go back to the non-reset aFCD to see what its average is for the total distance is so I can top off again and come up with an actual calibrated mpg vs. what is displayed.

    It is a lot of work but if the C-MAX has two aFCDs, I can do this in one fell swoop. If not, I have to perform a lengthy fuel economy calibration drive first (70 to 110 mile round trip) and then go after each of the Speed vs. Fuel Economy displays at each target speed and add in or subtract the offsets when I get back home with the data in hand.

    In other words, does the C-MAX have two aFCDs that are resettable at separate times or just one?

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    Two, assuming these will work for what you need. Sorry the photos are a little big.
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    Hi Paymaster:


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    Cool. Just say when.
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    Re : Ford’s Goofy C-MAX Hybrid Commercial

    Hello again everyone. I have driven yet another c-max and here are the results. At 70mph and 55 degrees round trip mile marker to mile marker on MA 3 south with a small period at 65mph, the vehicle got 36mpg. A little better but not much. I then did two round trip tests under the same conditions at 60mph and to 46 and 44 mpg respectively. There were many other cars on the road as well during these tests so FE may have been improved a bit by the draft effect. I then hopped in the prius and did the same 70mph test with at small portion at 65mph and got an indicated 45.7. Athough I did not have time to do the same round trip tests in the prius at 60mph that day, the drive home from the Hingham MA area to West Warwick RI at a steady 60mph yielded an indicated 59mpg. This C-max had 580 miles on it. Also a recent round trip drive on 295 in RI in a brand new Sonata Hybrid with 42 miles on it with speed varying between 65-70mph and 63 degrees, mile marker to mile marker and hilly terrain yielded 42.5 on the afcd. The sales guy at the Ford dealer the other day tried to claim all hybrids take up to 2k miles to get their full epa ratings. So far sounds like bullSh$%.
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    As I posted in another forum I had a couiple mile freeway stretch of 65+ miles per hour today that I was near 60 mpg. On another stretch on the same drive it would have been closer to the 36 you saw. In addition I just went to lunch and twice coasting to a light at less than 20 miles per hour it was indicating 20 mpg. I may be way off but it seems like it is all about the regen(well, and engine temp perhaps on my lunch drive) and I think Ford is being very agressive on it so they can keep the battery charged enough to hit the 62 mph EV mode. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed/changed by software if that will help get better mileage on the highway.

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