Ford’s Goofy C-MAX Hybrid Commercial

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Oct 5, 2012.

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    And I thought I was tech savvy. I don't see how to upload the photos. Anyway, first day of real driving, 106 miles of mostly 55+ was 45.6 mpg indicated. I do think 47 mpg on the freeway is doable, as long as it is downhill with a strong wind at your back. Other than that unless there is some magic fairy dust I haven't found yet getting 47 or better, at least at 65 mph or better doesn't look likely. Eco Cruise didn't help. At 55, it is probably doable in good conditions. On the other hand, compared to my HCHII it is a much quieter and smoother ride and it even goes around corners pretty well. Maybe not as good as the Honda but a whole lot better than the Prius I drove. And it has a lot more room than the Honda. I did notice one thing this morning. The engine needed to warm up a bit before it started to pull from the battery. It was cool this morning(around 40 or so) but it is going to get a lot colder. That might be a problem for very short trips this winter. I guess I will have to use the engine block heater. One nice thing it looks like Ford has that standard on most if not all of their cars, at least in Wisconsin.
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    Hi Paymasrer:

    For posting pics, click on the Gallery Link at the top of every page amd you can upload with direction.

    Your detail on the 55+ highway drive at less than the EPA is a bit disheartening although it follows along with what we have seen by members and online outlets.

    Most vehicles we drive can best their EPA highway at around 65 mph and the C-MAX sounds like it is going to fall short. 40 mpg or thereabouts is still good but Ford's entire PR and marketing plan is to target the Prius v when the v buries its EPA at 65 mph and even appears to do better than the C-MAX.

    Regarding impoving your highway numbers, the C-MAX has a built in weapon in that it can glide at 62 mph. You must learn to use it on each of the longer downhill slopes and you will see your FE move up quickly. There are a lot of them on I-94, I-43 and I-894.

    In Milwaukee traffic, it should easily provide 75 + mpg so learn to take advantage of that higghway situation as well. You will learn what to do over time but start practicing now before the temperatures really fall off.

    Good Luck

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    Glad to see another C-Max owner here! My numbers have been a little erratic between 43 and 49mpg indicated on my 28-30 mile trips too and from work. It's mostly highway. Today coming home I managed 49.3mpg for 30 miles. I did try one of my alternate routes where I exit the interstate about 3-4 miles earlier. That last stretch is mostly uphill and I can take it slower and in smaller increments this way.

    I really like the room in front and really don't feel any different in it than I did in the 2013 Escape I had for a few months.

    -- Rick
  4. rmcmast

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    One thing I am seeing on my downhill stretches is that there is pretty significant loss of speed. As long as traffic is light, it's ok, but I only have a few that are steep enought that I can maintain 60 or a little over. What I'm doing now is applying the least amount of EV possible to maintain speed in those situations.

    -- Rick
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    Photos as requested. As for my drive I don't know that I can be any lighter on the pedal than I was. Like rmcmast I noticed that it didn't want to coast as well as my Civic. I don't know if the regen or rolling resistance(or both) is higher but I would do the same thing as rmcmast and keep it in EV mode as long as possible. Once the ICE kicks in the indicated mileage generally is between 20-30 mpg or so. It only gets to 40 or above in spots that the Civic would be pegged at 100+ or near that. I will work on it some more today to see if I can do better.
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    Hi Paymaster:

    Just like Rick's C-MAX Hybrid, it looks nice ;)

    I am still enthralled with the SmartGauge w/ EcoGuide display ever since I first saw it back in 09 and the new one is even better!

    If they will not glide like you want, go a bit over the speed you want and force it to glide (no EV) until your lower speed target is reached. Then bring the ICE back online (no EV here) and repeat the process. The 62 mph glide capability is one of the reasons the C-MAX is "supposed" to do so well on the highway and you really have to use it.

    And do not forget about the Milwaukee Hybrid Group meet just down the street tomorrow morning either ;)

    Rick, in my drives across Kansas, it is one of the flattest landscapes in the US albeit with that huge rise from East to West. Any hills however and you have to take advantage of them. Around town, that is where it just has to offer 75 + once armed up so make sure you take advantage of that to make up for its warm-up and relatively poor highway numbers.

  7. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member


    So your basically saying P&G down the hills right? I'll start working on that.

    You're right about Kansas being flat especially western Kansas. There are more hills the further east you go though. Around Kansas City it's hillier than many expect, especially north of the Missouri River where I live.


  8. xcel

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    Hi Rick:

    Not really P&G but if she will not glide very well, pick up speed a bit prior to the crest and let the Glide begin prior to the downhill backside. When your lower speed target is reached on the downhill side, start the ICE up immediately and re-target your new steady state speed whatever it is.

  9. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Does the EPA highway or high-speed tests include a glide ? Or do they just "take the foot off the gas " ?
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    @xcel: you say "C-MAX Energi is currently scheduled to be priced at $37,495 incl. D&H before any federal tax credit is applied if you qualify."

    Actual list is $32,950 + 795 shipping. When I configure one for my zip code (93428), they show 'customer cash' incentive of $3750, making the bottom line $29,995 with no options but before the tax credit. The Energi comes standard like the SEL C-Max hybrid (leather seats, My Ford Touch, etc. etc.).

    Just FYI...
  11. Ophbalance

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    According to the disclaimer on the Ford site, "S5 "Net Price" (sometimes referred to as "Total MSRP" on the Shopping Tools of is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price minus any available offers and/or incentives." I'd be willing to bet they've already accounted for the tax credit and built it into the build tool. That's just a guess, of course, but it wouldn't make sense to have the Energi priced the same as "regular" CMAX otherwise (to me).
  12. nicklyons

    nicklyons New Member

    Well, the info bubble says:

    "RCL Customer Cash: Program #50152 Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 01/02/2013. Not all C-Max PHEV models may qualify. See dealer for residency restrictions and complete details. Offer valid: 10/2/2012 - 01/02/2013."
  13. xcel

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  14. nicklyons

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    Well, if they are really just referencing the federal tax credit, their website is very misleading. "Customer cash" means a direct reduction in price at the dealership. The tax credit is only available to people who have at least that much in federal income tax liability, and does not apply until you file your taxes and get your refund. Also note that the deal ends in January, which is not the case for the tax credit.

    It's all academic at the moment, since the cars are not available yet in any event.
  15. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    If it's a domestic carmaker's website , it will either mislead you or hide the real truth. You can take that to the bank. Good thing we have Wayne to explain or clarify things.
  16. rfruth

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    So if say Hyundai advertises a tax credit thats not misleading ?
  17. Paymaster

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    Experience so far

    Here is an update of my experience so far. I am averaging 44 mpg since I got it, some of which was practicing some techniques Wayne was kind enough to teach me at a meeting of the Milwaukee Hybrid Club. Thanks again for that. On those drives which was a mixture of mostly Freeway and 45-55mph roads with some city streets I averaged over 49 mpg. But that was trying hard. Today I drove it to work like I normally do. This is a 59 mile round trip of mostly Freeway. With my 2006 HCHII I would be upper 40's usually or even just over 50 mpg. This is driving 70-72 mph in the 65 zone and 60-65 in the 55. I averaged just over 42 in the C-Max. I am still learning the car and I think there is room for improvement but at this point I don't see the C-Max getting 47 mpg on the freeway. At least not without trying hard. 47 or above in the city though shouldn't be a problem.

    Having said all that, everything else about the vehicle I think is great and if you can live with getting a little less than EPA it is a nice car.

    A couple of notes to add.

    When gliding every time but once the battery indicator was showing a draw from the battery, regardless of speed. I am not sure on the one time what I did differently if anything.

    It almost seems that 70 mph might be as efficient if not more so than 60. In my drive to work when I would go 60-63 while the ICE was running the MPG was showing 20 to maybe 30, then when the battery was charged enough EV would kick in and the ICE would shut off for a bit until the battery needed recharging then the ICE would kick back in and the MPG would drop down to 20-25 again as it recharged. When doing 70 EV wasn't kicking in but there would be the occasional assist and the MPG generally stayed in the 40 or 40+ range. Obviously this would take a more controlled test to check on.

    I'll add updates as I learn more. By the way, is this the best forum to post this on?
  18. rmcmast

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    There is a C-Max forum under hybrid vehicles which probably were this should go.

    Only got 39mpg on the highway today for about 50 miles. That was with 15mph or so headwinds the entire trip. Speed was around 60mph.

    -- Rick
  19. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    I ended up with 42.1 for the entire trip, 130 miles. Wind was calm coming back. The last 77 miles was 44.8mpg and around 55° OAT. You can really see that the charging pulls down mpg on level cruise at 60mph. You have to get well over 1/2 on the battery graphic before the instant mpg gets over 40mpg.

    -- Rick
  20. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    Re: Experience so far

    This is different from what I'm seeing. Almost always when I glide the battery is charging. I'll keep an eye out for draws though and try to determine the conditions.

    -- Rick

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