Ford’s Goofy C-MAX Hybrid Commercial

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    [​IMG]Cute? Yes? Factually correct? Sort of.

    [fflash=right][/fflash]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Oct. 4, 2012

    2013 Ford C-MAX advert - $25,995 to start and a triple 47 mpgUS city/highway/combined rating across the board.

    Ford created a commercial that first targets the hybrid universe and then the Prius v via a classic animated television character in a new advertising campaign that begins airing tonight.

    The new ads use a familiar cartoon style to showcase C-MAX Hybrid’s “real-vehicle” performance, technology and value to new buyers.

    The C-MAX is Ford’s first dedicated hybrid lineup that includes both the current C-MAX Hybrid and future C-MAX Energi PHEV.

    In the Ford campaign, the character is being frustrated by the limitations of the Toyota Prius v, such as the lower amount of horsepower featured in one of the spots. Saying that, I am not sure I have ever heard of an owner frustrated by a lack of HP although I know many that wish there was more.

    With artistic license, maybe Ford is exaggerating the facts. Or maybe not?

    Once behind the wheel of a Ford C-MAX Hybrid, the animated character happily finds his place traveling at a normal speed down the highway.

    The last time I drove a Prius or Prius v, they both drove down the highway and could easily break the PSL by a factor of 2 in many places so I am not sure where Ford was heading with this?

    Plenty of opportunities exist for Ford to position itself in a positive way against Prius but this seems more like make believe than fact?

    Prius vs. C-MAX vs. Prius -- Ready … Fight!

    MakeModelPrice ($USD incl. D&H)EngineSystem HPFuel Economy (mpgUS) city/highway/combinedPassenger Volume (cu. ft.)Cargo Volume (cu. ft.)Cargo Volume – seats down (cu. ft.)Total Volume (cu. ft.)
    ToyotaPrius v$27,345Atkinsonized 1.8L13840/44/4297.234.367.3131.5
    FordC-MAX$24,795Atkinsonized 2.0L18847/47/4799.724.552.6124.2
    ToyotaPrius$24,795Atkinsonized 1.8L13851/48/5093.721.6TBD115.3

    One area where the C-MAX quite literally buries the Prius Hatch and v is the interior quality.​

    For example, as the first Ford hybrid to achieve equal city and highway fuel economy figures, C-MAX Hybrid’s 47 mpg city/highway/combined rating is 5 mpg better than Prius v’s combined.

    However in real world testing completed by one of our members just two days ago, the C-MAX at 55 mph barely broke 45 mpg. In his second generation Prius rated at 48/45 mpgUS city/highway, it offered 60 mpg at the same speed on the same day just moments later?

    [fimg=left] [/fimg]C-MAX Hybrid Display(s)

    The C-MAX SmartGauge with EcoGuide incorporates a dual-screen LCD design that allows you to tailor the vehicle information to meet your needs with four levels of customizable information.

    The all-new 2013 C-MAX Hybrid is currently America’s most affordable hybrid utility vehicle with a base price of $25,245 with the $750 rebate, including destination and delivery, which is $450 higher than the Prius hatch ($24,795 incl. D&H) and $2,100 lower than Prius v ($27,345 incl. D&H). C-MAX Hybrid is currently available at Ford dealerships nationwide.

    C-MAX Energi is currently scheduled to be priced at $37,495 incl. D&H before any federal tax credit is applied if you qualify.
  2. rfruth

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    I agree it is goofy but most commercials are
  3. NeilBlanchard

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    Remind me please about the pack size and/or all-electric range on the Energi?
  4. xcel

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    Hi Neil:

    The C-MAX Energi has a 7.6 kWh pack (I suspect that is the actual pack capacity with usable around 5 to 5.5 kWh but I am completely guessing here???) and it is begin touted to have a 20 to 21 mile all-electric range. Then again, it is a 7-hour charge off a 120V circuit so maybe the 7.2 kWh is usable with maybe a 10 kWh pack actually installed?

    While those figures are neat and all, its the 85 mph EV mode limits that has me glad to see that one coming. That really does mean high speed highway for some shorter distance vs. the Prius PHEV that brings the ICE online at 62 + mph.

  5. RichXKU

    RichXKU Well-Known Member

    I really hope that was a fluke. The C-Max has seriously impressed me, but falling short of the EPA would be a huge turn off as I'm used to exceeding that rating by 20% or more while going about 60.
  6. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    I'm on my second tank on my C-Max. The first tank was 41.5mpg, but I'm doing significantly better at 300 miles into my second tank: 46.7mpg. My last 3 trips to/from work were: 50.4, 50.1 and tonight the return trip was 46.7mpg. This is 28 miles each way, mostly highway.

    -- Rick
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  7. 300TTto545

    300TTto545 Well-Known Member

    rmcmast - what is your speed on the highway? What is the ambient temp? Have you boosted the tires?

    I'm sure the energi is loaded but wow $12k more?
  8. waltermlee

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    That's really disappointing to hear that the Rmcmast is experiencing real world Ford C-Max fuel efficiency that is lower than the EPA rating especially since the C-Max are using Li-ion batteries.

    Rmcmast: what's type of tires did Ford give the C-Max? What's the recommended tire pressure? Did you increase the tire pressure or are you sticking with the recommended tire pressure for testing purposes? Do you think the fuel fall change or driving temperature might have to do with the MPG drop? For example, my 2010 Prius MPG has dropped about 4 mpg from about 71 mpg to 67 mpg since the last week of September - it's a tad colder outside and I suspect the new winter reformulated gas is now being sold too.
  9. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    I try to keep my speed around 60mph on the interstate and 50 to 60 on about 10 miles of 2 lane highway with hills. Temps have been 50's and 60's the last couple of days.

    I have not increased tire pressure yet.

    -- Rick
  10. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    The tires are Michelin Energy Saver A/S. I'm at 38psi which is the recommended pressure and I'll push that up later.

    Right now I'm trending up and only on my second tank, so I'm not disappointed yet. It's only got 750 miles on it.

    -- Rick
  11. 300kmileprius

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    Re : Ford’s Goofy C-MAX Hybrid Commercial

    Hello all:

    I have now driven the C-MAX several times and here are my conclusions so far...

    The C-MAX fuel economy does not live up to the EPA numbers and Ford will soon be in hot water. A recent round trip drive at 55 mph, mile marker to mile marker only yielded 43.7 mpg per the aFCD. Temps were about 70 degrees so the AC was off. Just the fan was on at low speed. My 2003 HCH just a bit later with 210K miles and an IMA light achieved a solid 60 mpg under the same conditions. My 2005 prius with 320k also routinely pulls 60mpg or better under the same conditions. The same day at 75 mph, the C-MAX only pulled 31 mpg going with the traffic on I-295 in RI round trip. The Prius and the HCH still get 45 to 50 under the same conditions. More recently today about an hour ago, I drove another C-MAX round trip in 59 degrees at 65 mph going with the traffic on I-295 and only got 38 mpg??? It looks like Ford is in some serious trouble...

    For the record, my prius must be doing 85 to 95 mph depending on conditions to get down around 30 mpg. Also a recent drive in a rented 4 cyl 2012 Malibu in the state of MN and 75 mph yielded about 32 mpg in 45 deg temps. More info after the next test drive.

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  12. rfruth

    rfruth Well-Known Member

    Whats the break-in period, could that something to do with it ?
  13. xcel

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    Hi Rfruth:


  14. rfruth

    rfruth Well-Known Member

    The manual says it takes several weeks for the C-Max to learn EV+, I consider that part of break-in.
  15. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Rfruth:

    The Manual can say whatever it wants. We know better.

  16. rfruth

    rfruth Well-Known Member

    Yikes the Energi also has an oil maintenance mode (works differently if using EV now) as well as EV+, no big deal for those that don't mind digging into the finer details but more than enough for the average hypermiler (not to say that I'm above average) there are some new 'features' to help squeeze more out of it :eek:
  17. CRT1

    CRT1 Newbie McNewbster

    What the heck is an Oil Maintenance Mode?
  18. all_about_the_glide

    all_about_the_glide Well-Known Member

    This was meant to be a C-Max laid plans :(.

    Test drove and test filled the back of V with boxes today, I was going to do the same with a C-Max but the local dealers are sold out with no available inventory in sight. Then when I tried to complete the same route I drove with the V (an extended version of my Fiat 500 drive) in my HCH2, the interstate was jammed heading west :mad:, so I did my best to match the segment heading east first.

    53.3 mpg displayed -- 51 actual?? 15.4 miles

    55.2 mpg displayed -- 56.9 actual 16.3 miles

    1. 51f -- west wind 10mph + gusts
    2. Mix of neighborhood, suburban and intersate driving (east and west legs +-60mph dwl)
    3. Both cars started cold, HCH sat at Toyota dealer for just about an 1 hr. -- V sat at my work for 15 minutes while we played with boxes.
    4. HCH 50% grill block, tires 56psi.
    5. Both interstate trips 5-6 miles each way: into and down wind.
    6. HCH drove last windward mile under 40mph due to traffic...big advantage.
    7. HCH stopped at a Ford dealer for 5 minutes.
    9. Guestimate: HCH had 2-3 mpg net trip advantage.

    Plenty of Cubes


    Will do the same with a C-Max when able.
  19. Paymaster

    Paymaster Well-Known Member

    Well, despite my reservations and those of others here I just came home with a C-Max. My driving is mostly freeway so we will see how it goes. I live just north of xcel(Racine WI) and drive a lot of the route on 94/894 that he uses. I will post here once I have driven it a few times with my results.
  20. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Paymaster:

    Thanks for making a more fuel efficient purchase than you could have. Even though there is some question about the C-MAX's capability, there is no question that it is more efficient than anything other than possibly the current 2012 Fusion Hybrid and Focus EV in the entire Ford lineup right now.

    In addition, you have that well implemented interior plus SmartGauge with EcoGuide. Those two features alone are two generations ahead of the Prius hatch and v.

    And post some pics of your new ride as Rick has in one of his opening announcements immediately after his C-MAX purchase when you get the opportunity to do so ;)


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