RAM and Cummins Prove To Be the All-New Big Boys on The Block

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Idk if gm has the $ or they think the customers do. My truck stickered at 42 new and now is awful close to $60 new.
    When I bought the dmax van new in 2006, sticker was $34, now it's $45 new. They have priced me out of a new diesel work truck.
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    The Cummins Dodge-quad cab-always seemed to have the lowest actual selling prices-new- when I used to check such things on ebay.Guess it was the same situation in the vans- but I really don't remember seeing any Dodge Diesel vans??
    This was several years back- but you could get a pretty nicely equipped one-really too fancy for an actual work pickup truck-for $3000 less than the equivalent Ford or Chevy.

    I don't picture Dodge having to bow down to Ford or Chevy anymore-
    not with 850 ft lbs on the pure work trucks
    and 25 mpg - 25 mpg ?? on the "family trucks"
    Like maybe you mentioned-Dodge will stick that Pentastar 6 in work vans-owners will love the much lower fuel cost-maybe they could put it in a 3/4 ton van- 8 speed AT-plenty of gearing to make up for any Torque shortcomings.
    Might make more sense to use the gasoline 6 than the Cummins if you don't tow heavy stuff

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