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Discussion in 'Kia' started by The Doctor, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    I've used my Scan Gauge II for almost three year now, on my 2009 Suzuki SX4.
    I really love it!

    Now I've traded in the SX4 for a 2013 Kia Soul.
    Can I use the same Scan Gauge on my new Kia or will it have to be re-programmed?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    The Doctor :shade:
  2. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi The Doctor:

    If you have the 2.0L Kia Soul, just swap it out and you are good to go. If you have the 1.6L Kia Soul, change the displacement from 2.0 L to 1.6L and you are all set.

  3. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    Thank you!
    It IS the 1.6L

    Thanks again!
    The Doctor :cool:
  4. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    It's working and I LOVE it!


    My new Kia Soul, is getting better mpg than my Suzuki SX4 ever did.

    Thank you SG II ! It helps me to get better mpg and performance.

  5. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    The more I drive my new Kia Soul, the better my mileage gets. With each new car, it seems like I have to re-learn how to drive. But my Scan Gauge II has been a big help.


    This is not an average, but a momentary reading while I was driving on a very wavy road.

    Happy Holidays, Everyone!
    The Doctor :cool:
  6. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    Since putting my SG II on my new Kia Soul I've been concerned about the speed accuracy.

    Well yesterday I had a friend riding with me and on his new phone is a GPS app.
    His GPS showed exactly the same speed as my SG II.
    So now I no longer have to worry, if my SG II is telling me the correct speed.

    My analog speedometer is six mpg fast at 74mph reading 80 mph.

    So now I know!

    Happy New Year!

    The Doctor :cool:
  7. I dont think I've ever been 74 in my car. Correction, I know I have never been 74 in my car
  8. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    Will your 'car' go that fast? NO? Pity!


    Out on I-75, if you're not doing 80, you could get run over.

  9. If you'd like to see what my car, truck, or van "can" do, we can meet at a track.

    The hamsters wont be happy
  10. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    The "track" is probably covered in snow this time of year.

    But it's an interesting offer anyway.
  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I must confess that I have been as high as 75 mph in the mountains of Flagstaff , but it was downhill trying to get a little "free" speed to get over the next hill without a downshift or two.

    Oh, and I drove down I-75 at 57 MPH and didn't get run over once.

    Good one, James.
  12. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    At 6000 miles, my car seems to have gotten its second breath, or maybe it's gotten out of the 'break in' mode. I dunno! But it's sure running better.

  13. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    I just made my annual trek to Daytona Beach for "Bike Week".
    Unlike other trips when I've really worked at getting the best mileage possible, this time I just 'Drove' the car, at or slightly above the speed limit.
    My 2013 Kia Soul, is still stock.

    The total miles for the trip was right at 200 and my average MPG for the trip was 34.0.
    That's the best MPG I've ever gotten over the past 20 years or so that I've been making that trip, in seven different cars.


  14. joesgot4

    joesgot4 Well-Known Member

    my 2012 hyundai accent(the black pearl) just reached 8000 miles and ive noticed its shifting smoother and it doesnt downshift on small hills like it was also my mpgs are slowly improving so by summer i should put up some great numbers! i drove back from russellville ,arkansas and a little in town around here in meridian,ms a total of 467 miles on 9.589 gallons of gas driving 60 mph with cruise on and mostly flat roads with some in town driving thats 48.7 mpgs. 90% highway and 10% city, temps were around 60 degrees at start and around 40 degrees at finish
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  15. The Doctor

    The Doctor Old Dude, New Car

    My little Gertrude (Kia Soul, base, 1.6L, AT) is almost ready for her 42K oil change, and she's still getting better.
    I just found out, from a forum member, how to re-calibrate my SG II with my Tom Tom GPS, which almost perfectly
    matches my on-board speedometer. Now I have three instruments that read the same. A big improvement.

    I'm still using the same Speed Tips that I've used for the past three years...... Top Tier gasoline, K&N Engine Air Cleaner, Prolong Anti-Friction oil additive, and 42psi in all four tires.
    And last but not least, I change my oil and use only Genuine Kia Oil Filters, every 3k miles. And at the same time I put a bottle of Chevron's Techron gas treatment in the tank. That helps to clean the DFI fuel injectors.
    The guys who won't do this simple trick, complain about rough idle and engine vibration (missfiring).

    Lastly, I want to wish the best of Season's Greetings to all the great guys on this forum.

    Cheers Mates!
    The Doctor :cool:

    PS: I love my Kia Soul and my Scan Gauge II

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