2013 VW Passat TDI Pricing, Options and Specifications

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    MSRP: $26,225
    Destination: $795

    The TDI base trim, the SE, arrives with standard features including the following:
    • 17-inch alloy wheels
    • Exterior chrome window trim
    • V-Tex leatherette seating
    • Multi-Function leather-wrapped steering wheel w/ CC, audio and Bluetooth controls
    • 8-way power driver seat incl. power lumbar
    • Heated front seats
    • Self-dimming rearview mirror
    • Automatic Vehicle Illumination
    • Automatic Headlights
    • Corner Illuminating Foglights
    • A/C
    • Rear passenger ventilation for heat and A/C in center console
    • Trip computer
    • AM/FM Radio-CD system (MP3 and WMA capable, plus external audio input)
    • Touchscreen premium VIII radio with HD Radio
    • SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 3-month trial subscription
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • One touch up/down front and power windows all around
    • Elegant and distinctive analog clock at the center of the instrument panel
    • Outside temperature display
    • Aluminum trim dash and middle console
    • Sliding front center armrest with integrated storage box
    • Automatic headlights with automatic coming and leaving home feature
    • Insulating glass
    • Three 12V power outlets
    • Rear center armrest with integrated cup holders
    • 60/40 folding rear seat
    • Intelligent Crash Response
    Options Pricing:

    $2,000 – TDI SE with Sunroof: Adds in addition to the SE, a six-speed DSG automatic transmission and sunroof.

    $3,660 – TDI SE with Sunroof and NAVI: Adds in addition to the SE with Sunroof, 18” alloy wheels, RNS 315 Navigation System, Mobile Device Interface (MDI), fog lights and exterior chrome accents.

    $6,200 – TDI SEL Premium: Adds in addition to the SE with Sunroof and NAVI, rear backup camera, leather seating surfaces, comfort sport seats, keyless entry and pushbutton start, RNS 510 Navigation, Fender Premium Audio System, driver seat memory, wood grain interior décor, 8-way power passenger seat and interior chrome accents.


    Engine Type: In-Line 4-Cylinder
    Engine Block/Cylinder Head: Cast Iron/Aluminum-Alloy
    Displacement (cc): 1,968
    Horsepower @ rpm: 140@4,000
    Torque (lb.-ft. @ rpm): 236 @ 1,750
    Redline (rpm): 5,000
    Bore and Stroke (mm): 81.0 x 95.5
    Compression Ratio: 16.5:1
    Valvetrain: Belt driven DOHC w/ 4-valves per cylinder, hydraulic lifters
    Intake: Electronically controlled Direct Fuel Injection w/ Turbo charger
    Drive-by-Wire Throttle
    Front-Wheel Drive
    CARB Emissions Rating: ULEV-2
    Federal Emissions: Tier II/Bin5
    Required Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF)



    Gear Ratios - 6-Speed Manual/Automatic Transmission(s)

    1st: 3.77/3.46
    2nd: 1.96/2.05
    3rd: 1.26/1.3
    4th: 0.87/0.9
    5th: 0.86/0.91
    6th: 0.72/0.76

    Final Drive I: 3.68/4.12
    Final Drive II: 2.92/3.04

    Reverse: 4.56/3.99

    Calculated RPM@ 60 mph (MT/AT): 1,624 RPM!!!/1,785 RPM


    Unit-Body Construction
    MacPherson Strut Front Suspension with lower control arms
    Four-link independent Rear Suspension
    Stabilizer Bar (mm., front/rear): TBA/TBA
    Electro-Mechanical Power-Assisted Rack-and-Pinion Steering
    Steering Wheel Turns, Lock-to-Lock: 3.0
    Steering Ratio: 16.4:1
    Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb (ft.): 36.4 ft.
    Power-Assisted Ventilated Front Disc/Rear Disc Brakes (in.): 12.3x1/10.7x0.4
    Wheels: 215/55 R17 All-Season Tires – Optional 235/45 R18
    Mini spare wheel and tire


    Reinforced safety cage with anti-intrusion side beams and forged steel roof B-pillars.

    Front, side and side curtain airbags.

    Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    Anti-lock Braking System
    Hydraulic Brake Assist
    Tire Pressure Monitoring
    Intelligent Crash Response System

    Interior Measurements:

    2013 VW Passat TDI SEL with the 6-speed DSG AT Interior shown.

    Headroom (in., front/rear): 38.3/37.8
    Legroom (in., front/rear): 42.4/39.1
    Shoulder Room (in., front/rear): 56.9/57.0
    Hiproom (in., front/rear): TBA/TBA
    Cargo Volume (cu. ft.): 15.9
    Passenger Volume (cu. ft.): 102.0
    Seating Capacity: 5


    Exterior Measurements:

    Wheelbase (in.): 110.4
    Length (in.): 191.6
    Height (in.): 58.5
    Width (in.) incl. mirrors: 72.2
    Track (in., front/rear): 62.1/61.0
    Curb Weight (lbs. MT/AT): 3,360/3,397 3,393/3,459
    Cd: 0.29

    EPA Mileage Estimates/Capacities:

    6-Speed MT -- AT (City/Highway): 31/43 -- 30/40mpgUS
    Crankcase (qt.): 5.3
    Coolant System (gal.): 9.2
    Fuel (gal.): 18.5
    Required Fuel: Diesel


    The new Passat offers VW’s no-charge Care Free Maintenance program (3 years/36,000 miles)

  2. ALS

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Stupid question Wayne,

    What is the point of the fifth gear ? :confused:

    Shouldn't forth gear be closer to 1.0 to 1.0 ?

  3. xcel

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi Al:

    There are two different finals separating the two. Fourth to Final I and Fifth to Final II.

    Mike will be able to prove the details probably tomorrow.

  4. 2RR2NV

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Belt driven cams? seriously? WTH??? nothing like making sure customers HAVE to come back to do some extra maintenance.
  5. herm

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    $100 job.. yeah right :)
  6. seftonm

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Gears 1-4 use one final drive, and 5, 6, and R use the other final drive.

    I'm surprised the Passat has a mini spare tire, that is unusual for VW to do in a C or D segment car. I'm not sure what version you're getting Wayne but could you check that out? Mine is technically a "mini" I guess, at 195/65/15 compared to the 16" wheels that my car came with. I wonder if that is what they mean by mini.
  7. PaleMelanesian

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Sunroof is bundled with DSG automatic? So no sunroof and stickshift? Did I read that right? Not that I would want a sunroof, but I know others who would.


    Nice car, but like the industry standard, some funny option packages.

    The interior dimensions look... generous.
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  8. PaleMelanesian

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    LOL. I just got a new set of 175/70/13's on my car. There were other vehicles in the shop with bigger rims than my tires. :p
  9. xcel

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi Mike:

    I threw that in there as a place holder until it arrives in < an hour since no spec was provided in the Press kit, consumer site or online. The original 2012’s at the Press launch were fitted with not only full size spares but full size OEM tire on the OEM alloy wheel!

    When my parents were shopping the v, Civic, Passat TDI and Volt, we drove a 2012 Passat TDI. When I opened up the trunks under floor storage, the alloy was missing :(

  10. xcel

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi All:

    While I was busy getting the house ready for a prospective sale showing yesterday and this morning, look what arrived in the drive just minutes before the realtor arrived.

    2013 VW Passat TDI with the 6-speed stick

    This is Les of G. Schmitz just after handing me the keys.

    Mike, it’s a mini temp spare. The car gained 40 pounds over 2012 and I wonder where it went?

    As soon as I dropped the under floor storage cover, Pups jumped into the trunk without permission! I'd guess she's about .6 Ciminillo's?​

    She has a hurt right leg right now so I dropped the rear seat back to let he get out of the car from that direction.

    And the first drive around my subdivision a few times in mid 50 degree temps bested my expectations and it did so pretty easily.

    104 mpg first drive.​

    This was all slow speed driving around my subdivision in a light rain with a top speed no higher than 35 mph. At that speed, I could only get up to 5th gear and she was just above idle at ~ 1,125 RPM. In addition, this is a non-calibrated aFCD drive so I do not know about distance or the fuel economy being accurate.

    We’ll have a lot more over the coming week but I hope it stops raining and dry’s up so I can head out and get some calibrated fuel economy and odometer numbers this afternoon.

  11. ALS

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Thanks I missed the two final drive ratios. 12 hour day at work and it was late. :)
  12. xcel

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi Andrew:

    Yes, you have to purchase a sunroof and AT together. I would like to see the stick with the Fender Audio system but you have to bundle that with the NAVI and the VW NAVI was not that great in Chattanooga, I suspect not much has changed with it for 2013. In defense of the NAVI, its turn by turn directions are not only are spoken, show up on map and listed as turn by turn on the map display, they also show up in the central display. I have seen this on only a few cars the last few years and I wish more had it.

    Like most automobile manufacturers nowadays, there is a base price and a base trim package price :(

  13. xcel

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi All:

    So it's cold and raining and my two favorite cars of all time are sitting in the drive just begging to go.

    2013 VW Passat TDI and 2013 Hyundai Elantra, both with a 6-speed hand shakers.​

    What would you do?

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  14. xcel

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi All:

    Performed a quick round trip loop in the 13 Passat TDI tonight. Temps were a bit chilly from 43 to 45 degrees F and the wind was out of the west at about 10 mph while I traversed the round trip North than South route.

    2013 VW Passat TDI with the 6-speed MT - First all Highway drive result

    76.8 mpgUS per the aFCD display over 47.9 miles shown in 43 – 44 degrees F temps. 49.0 actual miles.​

    I’ll have a to do a bit better than this ;)

  15. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    76.8 mpgUS DANG!

    You think the westerly wind affected the mileage?.. it may disrupt the airstream if strong enough.
  16. xcel

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi Herm:

    I think both the cold and the wind were giving me a few fits but nature does not clear a path when I am going to drive.

    If I did a calibrated drive, I would have a final temperature compensation to 70 degrees F (* 1.07), included the odometer offset (* 1.023) and the final top off to top off gallons of fuel aFCD offset (* unknown). It was my mom’s B-day and I did not leave their house until almost 11:00 PM and did not have time to do a more lengthy drive or top off twice. Topping off diesel can easily take over 30-minutes do to the fuel foaming.

    I would have waited for the cross wind in both directions to die down a bit if … Coulda, woulda, shoulda doesn’t mean squat ;)

    Inner city stop and go it looks like she will offer mid to high 50's, suburban with light timing, easily into the low 100's as I saw a 108 mpg RT when coming home from dinner last night. Interstate, maybe 80 to 85 mpg at the limits in good conditions? All kind of guesses.

    A few nits. The sound of a turbo-diesel at idle -- especially cold idle -- is something you have to get used to as that 16.5:1 and almost 30K psi injectors are making noise.

    The car arrived with no mats so I went over to our local VW dealership and picked up some of those paper mats for when I am with shoes. When I was at the local VW dealership, I got in the car and banged my shin on the sharp edge dash piece. That hurt a lot!

    Really light steering feel at slow speeds and it progressively tightens up as you speed up. There is something about the feel of a VW. Well sorted. A bit of body roll when maneuvering hard and coming into my parents sub, the sharp edged curb/apron entry was swallowed at 20 mph with only a little commotion from the right suspension pieces.

    It like my current 7th gen accord has a cloth textured covering over the A-pillar. Very few cars offer this and its a nice touch!

    Bluetooth? Setting up BT is a PIA as you must have the car running and you use the dash central display, not the large center stack display. However, once it is setup, it like the Kia UVO system will wake up my old Motorola and and sync as if I performed it manually without me touching it. These are the only two cars I have ever driven that will wake up this old Motorola RAZR flip phone and nobody else.

    Radio is not a fender model but looks good. Burnished aluminum trim pieces in the upper dash at the windscreen and surrounds are a nice touch vs. most in the segment with nothing but the sea of plastic up there.

    FAS and your single 12V outlet in the lower dash and the single in the sliding armrest storage area shut down with any key turn.

    Even with the 8-way power seats incl. lumbar, I am having a little trouble finding a great position. We will see how this turns out over a more lengthy distance.

    Parents likes the exterior look and interior appointments and size. They did not add much else.

    Any type of advanced driving techniques and you may find 6th gear out of reach. Even on the Interstate, I was using mostly 4th, 5th and only occasionally 6th if I had to extend a pulse up a longer climb to 60 +but mostly 4th and 5th on the slab and 3rd and 4th in the suburbs with a peak RPM of 1,750 (where the peak torque arrives).

    Clutch is somewhat progressively linear (quite a bit better than the Jetta TDI Sportwagen's on/off switch we drove a few years back) but it feels like there are still "to few" mm of between initiation and full engagement. Easily livable. Shifter action is almost to precise as the gates are tight. Figuring out what gear you are shifting into is sometimes a guess. To make sure, Some times I would shift to 6th (clutch in) and then shift to 4th, then release the clutch. Very precise but the gate spacing may be a bit to close until I get used to it?

    The Passat TDI wakes up at ~ 1,500 RPM< as the turbo begins to do its thing.

    Typical for VW is a damped sunglass holder which is always is a nice touch. Glove box is a bit small as I could not fit my Garmin box in it. Manual was never touched previously even with over 2,500 miles on the car and it resides in a tray above the main glove box compartment limiting total glove box capacity as mentioned above.

    Nicely padded center arm rest.

    Dash interior plastics (IP) materials are as soft as I have ever felt. Very nice!

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  17. xcel

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi All:

    As I just finished packing up and charging the camera batteries, here is a 2013 VW Passat Loaded up for an impromptu road trip. Temps are to low and the cross winds suck but you gotta drive when the opportunity avails itself.

    2013 VW Passat TDI with the 6-speed stick – Review

    Trunk load with people and dog supplies + Eureka! camping gear.

    Pups is tired but ready to roll!

    Who put that safety tape on the bumper and what’s up with that sticker on the rear quarter ;)

    And I love the trunk open switch on the driver’s side door next to the window controls. In addition, when you push the button or the trunk open button on the FOB, the truck actually opens all the way vs. having to lift it. I like that too! Trunk hinges are also covered with a plastic appliqué which looks much nicer than stamped steel hinges with only the body colored paint to hide other competitive mid-size models hinges unsightly appearance. However, it does not have a sleeve into which it slides as you close the trunk.

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  18. RichXKU

    RichXKU Well-Known Member

    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Whats with the tape anyway ??
    I only have one argument for the trunk NOT opening all the way: Rain. I like being able to pop the trunk from in the car, then get out and unload (object) without it getting wet :)
  19. fishnrib

    fishnrib Christian

    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    Hi Wayne,
    Have you checked under the lip of the trunk for a rubber pad that can open the trunk with the FOB in your pocket like the HSH?
  20. FSUspectra

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    Re: 2013 VW Passat TDI Specifications

    I spoke with Wayne this morning. He left Louisville shortly after 10 this morning heading west and would turn northward at I-57 to keep the wind on his tail. Will update after our phone call this afternoon, if he doesn't.

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