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Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by ChipperJones, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Just picked up my 04 Prius today and couldnt be happier! But i was hoping someone can recommend me a carmout/cradle for my iphone...i just picked up the phone and i love it. But i find it hard to manage whilst on the road. I have been eying the Skiva car mount but then i compare it to the likes of the Naztech N4000 car mount and well, as you can see i have been given descions that i simply cannot make on my own! lol. I am however interested in your take on car mounts or which ones you use. Most of them out their seem to be made of rather cheap materials, is their a premium options? Also a more "universal" option would be great considering the size rumors surrounding the iphone5
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    What do you want to use it for? I've got a dash weighted mount like the one Wayne posted a link to for my 4S and it works well for navigation purposes (can't find it online at the moment). For just holding the phone I have a cheap Belkin cupholder cradle (made of rubber). You just drop the phone into what looks like a black cup with a slot (for a charge/sync cable if you want to attach one) and a wedge in it so that the phone leans at an angle.
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    I've used the Brodit ProClip phone mounts before, and have been very pleased. (www.proclipusa.com) Its a 2 part system You buy a bracket that is custom designed to clip on your dash, and then a second part that is custom designed for your phone. There are 2 mounting locations available for an 04 Prius:



    Then combine it with an iPhone mount (several types available, but I like this one):

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    I like the looks of the ProClip. Does heat damage or distort it?
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    No, I've had one in my 98 GMC Sierra going on 7-8 years now. Every 2 years I just buy a new phone mount, and secure it to the vehicle mount. Here's an old pic of my old HTC Tilt installed in my Sierra:



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