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Discussion in 'Kia' started by dudley4, Jul 14, 2012.

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    First of all I love this car :D very surprised that a car of this size and weight will get the mileage that I'm getting. I have over 5600 to date and have 41.3 avg for city/hwy driving. One thing I have noted on hwy and city driving is that the car and scangauge avg are not the same, but at tank end the scangauge avg tank is right on, and car seems to be 1 + mpg higher. (please note that I don't reset till tank end) All so that the scangauge will have a higher 45 to 47 avg. on the city/back way home, and the morning hwy run to work I will see 40 to 42 avg. the best I have seen driving down the hwy with ICE on is 29 to 30 on the scangauge would like to know what Wayne seen on their road trip last year with the Kia or last month with hyundai. Thanks for all the info on this site Dave.
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    Hi Dave:

    That is excellent FE for the KOH! And what a beauty too ;)

    Receiving two different averages for a morning and evening commute is not uncommon. Road elevation, harsher warm-up from overnight and in cooler temps and even traffic conditions so that is not really a big deal.

    The SG-II however has a calibration routine built in that you perform at each fill. More --> fillup and input the gallons you filled from the pump.

    WRT city and highway calibration, I am not exactly sure what you described. Can you reiterate?

    Thanks and again, great car and offering great FE ;)

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    Looking for the instant fuel reading with engine running down the hwy on your scangauge and your average fuel reading. ( I see 29 to 30 mpg on the hwy going 60 mph ) It seem like I get a better avg in the city than the hwy. Maybe because I try time the lights and coast as much as possible to the stop signs. When driving down the hwy I just try to hold a steady speed of the PSL . Thanks, Dave
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    How fast are you going on the hwy?

    My optima avged 32mpg between 72-78mph on i10-i75 in florida (some hills, but nothing crazy).

    the instant was around 35-37 at 72, and slowly declined from there.
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    Wife and I went for drive late afternoon, 175+ miles all hwy tied the DWL and CC on the flats, driving speed goal was 60 mph. car avg was 45 and SG was 44 ---- instant on car moves all over I do try to hold the solid blue and SG reads high 29 to 30. still learning and trying new things, going to the coast today about 280 mile run round trip. I will take notes and reset car.

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