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Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by xcel, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    I just got off the phone with Billy (Bill McKinney from Kennewick Washington) and he is asking for anyone out there for some help. He left home in his Insight and is heading to Roanoke, VA and then to South Carolina on business. One "spare" item he forget to pack was an Insight rim and tire combination.

    He is currently nearing Salt Lake with temps for some of the drive ahead expected to be in the 100's. He is concerned about having a blowout so if anyone knows of anyone with a spare Insight wheel/tire combo anywhere near the I-70 corridor from Denver to Roanoke or afterwards possibly along I-77 while he possibly heads towards Columbia, SC, he would be greatly appreciative of your assistance. He will pay $’s for it too.

    Anyone know if possibly Steve (I forgot his last name) in Indiana has one in his Prius PHEV and rebuild yard has one by chance?

    Here Bill is with one of his Insights back in 07 prior to HF.



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  2. ALS

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    I checked on and found a few.

    $65 at Wagner's Auto Salvage Inc. USA-NC(Durham) Request_Quote 1-919-544-1729 Request_Insurance_Quote
    $100 at Rockford Auto Parts USA-IL(Rockford) Request_Quote 1-815-964-3396 / 800-392-5595 Request_Insurance_Quote
    $75 at S and M Import Auto USA-NE(Omaha) Request_Quote 1-800-571-4504 1-402 571-4504
    $75 at LKQ of Indiana USA-IN(Avon) E-mail 1-800-382-9792
    $50 at Central Small Car Garage - Yard #3 USA-MD(Upper-Marlboro) Request_Quote 1-866-214-2175
    $50 at Brickyard Imported Cars USA-IN(Brooklyn) E-mail 1-800-247-9273 and 1-317-831-2627
    $50 at Brandywine Wheel USA-MD(Brandywine) Request_Quote 1-800-458-2222 Request_Insurance_Quote
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  3. bestmapman

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    I'll call Steve of tomorrow and see if he has one.
  4. billy

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    Hi everyone; hey, I do NOT want a wheel; just an old tire! Anybody have a near worn out Insight tire?

    As Wayne said, I am driving from WA to Roanoke, VA and then on to Raleigh NC for a business conference. Right now I am in Burlington, CO which is on I-70 right near the KS border. I will continue driving 2nite; Kansas is only 420 miles wide.....

    I-70 was beautiful through western CO, especially Glenwood Springs to Eisenhower tunnell which is over 11,000 elevation.

    So far have driven 1482 miles and averaged 92.55 mpg. Would be doing substantially better except for the irritating headwind of 10-12 mph. Wow, lean burn is an amazing technology not to be underestimated. How fast am i driving on the Interstate? As fast as I can while keeping the instantaneous bar above 100 mpg. The equates to 60-63 mph, and down to 55-58 in the headwind.

    My cell phone is on, so feel free to call tonight and tomorrow to chat. 509-438-2366. I will continue on I-70. May go real close to Bestmapmans place? Thanks, Billy....

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