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Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by Bennett, May 28, 2012.

  1. Bennett

    Bennett Well-Known Member

    Hope the pic comes across ok...

    Nice run in - in the low 70F's, minimal wind, had a couple of short recals which messed up my early segment and my large hill run BUT traffic was incredibly light and I think I hit almost every green light. I thought I could do the run and hit 60...didn't expect to hit it like this.



    And of course on the way back it was in the 80F's, pack was having a hard time, hit a bunch of redlights in the city...42 :rolleyes:
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  2. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Congrats! You have raised the bar and now you have a new mark to break.
  3. Bennett

    Bennett Well-Known Member

    Yup, got 63 yesterday on a regular work day *flails arms*. Now I suspect 70 is possible with all the stars aligned.

    My home commute is what's killing my average. A mix of higher temps, traffic, city segment prior to the car warming up fully and an overall uphill climb. I haven't yet cracked 50 on that, typically mid-40s.

    Interestingly I'm finding that I can get better with my mileage AND at the same time I feel like I'm getting better at moving with traffic. It may just be that I'm finding the sweet spot for acceleration to get to a more efficient cruising speed.
  4. Bennett

    Bennett Well-Known Member

    71.2mpg yesterday (15.5 mile commute) turning into the parking garage - lost some of that finding a spot though.

    I know some of this is because we're having ideal weather right now - warm enough to get the car up to temp fast, not so hot you need A/C or to give the pack a hard time. Also school is out so the traffic is lighter which makes for more use of techniques.

    I'm still learning more about the car - finding how subtly different throttle control can produce hidden or 1-bar pack regen, although at a cost to the iFCD. The hit to average FE doesn't seem as bad. On a steady but fairly mild climb back from the village yesterday I manged to increase the SoC just driving "normally". It seems like aggressive hypermiling throttle control doesn't allow for that.
  5. all_about_the_glide

    all_about_the_glide Well-Known Member

    +1 on the one or no bar regen if you can hold it. The car's computer loves steady state, the control logic isn't very fuzzy.

    I'm starting to believe that short to medium length accelerations at high rates of pack discharge are OK, perhaps preferable in some situations, as long as RPM's and number of assist bars are constant. More than once when I've been forced to hammer it on to the freeway or into fast moving traffic I've been surprised by the lack of SOC diminution, other times when I've prolonged the gain of speed...trying to stay out of the pack, which is just about impossible with the HCH2...I've been rewarded with a drop to 5 bars and MPG robbing forced regen to full. My hypothesis...schedule and road construction have precluded real testing to this that the car's power electronics are designed to deliver this type of acceleration and it reliably delivers expected values from the various sensors back to the EMC, which rewards the driver with power, more distance to regain MPG and little change in SOC. A warm, thermally balanced car with at least 6 bars of SOC is required.

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