New Diesel Fuel Harmful to rubber gaskets?

Discussion in 'Volkswagen' started by bear15, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Is the New Diesel Fuel Harmful to rubber gaskets? I spoke with a few Diesel mechanics who are reporting problems with the new Diesel Fuel in VW Diesel engines-- e.g. rubber gaskets & seals in fuel injector pumps degrade especially if the vehicle sits for longer periods of time.

    Any fuel additive suggestions?
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    FYI, I just heard back from a VW rep. that confirmed the below using carefully selected wording.

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    The only thing in a fuel tank that I've ever heard of eating gaskets and other seals faster is Acetone, but AFAIK neither Diesel #1 or #2 have higher than usual levels of it, and biodiesel doesn't have any at all.

    It seems more likely to me that there is a problem with VW's gaskets rather than the fuel.
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    Hi Ed:

    ___Besides the huge drop in Sulfur content for Road diesel (500 to 15 ppm), I have not heard of any other additives in US diesel fuel that would cause this. I did confirm through both a BWM and MB European engineer that US diesel fuel does not meet the European specs but I just have not heard there was a separate additive that could cause rubber degradation with the H2 addition in the cracking process for sulfur removal.

    ___Since we will not see the new VW Diesels here for another 2 years, I think VW has time to fix any problem hey may have found as of late ;)

    ___Good Luck

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    A individual from Germany indicated that he has seen similar problems in Germany.

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