Hyundai’s Blue Link Receives Major Upgrade

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    [​IMG] Faster, easier, a new parking meter timer, car finder and vehicle diagnostics are brand new.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - May 15, 2012

    Hyundai's BlueLink is just the beginning.

    Every “next” generation automobile offers new technology and in the past 5 + years, that also means more connected.

    Enter Hyundai’s Blue Link

    Blue Link allows you to connect to your Hyundai automobile and its surrounds through your Smartphone, from within your future Hyundai or via the web. It is an all-new telematics platform that offer s more than 30 unique connectivity features on near future Hyundai models.

    Hyundai introduced its latest mobile application for the Hyundai-developed Blue Link telematics platform. The mobile app allows subscribers to remotely access various Blue Link features and services through compatible smartphones. Completely redesigned, the app has been significantly enhanced from the previous version with faster navigation and innovative new features. Google Android and Apple iOS users can download the app today from Google Play or Apple iTunes, respectively. A Blackberry version is also in development.

    Blue Link® Mobile App Highlights
    • Completely redesigned interface and navigation
    • Swipe gestures allow quick access to core features
    • Remotely access many Blue Link® features found on
    • Manage multiple Blue-Link-enrolled vehicles
    • Remotely control vehicle functions: Door lock/unlock, horn & lights, lights-only and remote vehicle start (not available on all models)
    • Search, save and send POIs to vehicles for in-car navigation
    • Innovative new features: car finder, parking meter/timer and vehicle diagnostics
    • Remotely manage Blue Link alerts and notifications
    Blue Link is Hyundai’s telematics solution combining safety, service and infotainment into a single package.

    The refreshed app is only the beginning of a series of enhancements planned around Blue Link.

    New User Interface

    Navigation elements are designed to reduce the steps needed to access Blue Link features and services by leveraging familiar Smartphone touch commands. A new swipe carousel allows users to quickly access core features without needing to take several steps. Shortcut buttons allow one-touch access to vehicle diagnostics and POIs while the main menu allows one-finger access to all features within the application.

    Remote Features

    Blue Link Essentials subscribers can access a number of key vehicle functions remotely from the mobile application without the need to be in the proximity of the vehicle. Remote Door Lock or unlock allows for remote control and convenience from virtually anywhere. Remote Horn & Lights allows the subscriber to remotely activate the horn and lights. Remote Lights allows subscriber to remotely activate the vehicle lights only. Remote Vehicle Start, which has been expanded to include more Hyundai models, allows the subscriber to remotely start their vehicle, an especially convenient feature in cold states during winter months. Vehicles equipped with push-button start and automatic or dual-clutch transmissions are supported for Remote Vehicle Start. For added security, all remote access features require the vehicle PIN to be entered prior to the command being sent.

    New POI Functionality

    The new Blue Link allows the ability to search POIs using the Smartphone’s on-screen keyboard by entering the name, city, state and/or zip. Searches can be done using the Smartphone’s built-in location service or by manually specifying the location. POIs then can be saved to the phone for quick access. Subscribers also have the ability to send the POI directly to their Hyundai vehicle or by email to a friend through the application. POIs sent to the vehicle also may be saved for later use via the POI History function.

    Blue Link-equipped vehicles are not required to have a touch-screen navigation system to take advantage of Guidance features! Vehicles not equipped with touch-screen navigation will display navigation information on the standard vehicle audio screen using Blue Link’s Turn-by-Turn feature.

    The new mobile app also includes speed dial buttons to contact Roadside Assistance and Blue Link. A new Vehicle Diagnostics screen provides access to critical maintenance information and the ability to view their Monthly Vehicle Report. Essentials subscribers can easily schedule a service appointment with their preferred dealer without making a phone call. Blue Link alerts also can be toggled remotely from within the application.

    New Stuff

    A new built-in Parking Meter/Timer function allows a countdown for the need to “feed the meter”. Car Finder allows Essentials subscribers to either search for their vehicle if they are within a 1-mile radius of their vehicle or save its location. While you may not have lost a car in a public area ever before, I have and this feature would have come in very handy indeed.

    Blue Link annual subscription pricing for its Assurance, Essentials (includes Assurance), and Guidance (includes Assurance and Essentials) packages.

    Hyundai Blue Link Pricing Details

    Blue Link PackageComplimentary Blue Link Service PeriodComplimentary Blue Link with Automatic Renewal *
    Assurance6 months12 months
    Essentials3 months6 months
    Guidance3 months6 months

    * New owners may elect for Blue Link automatic renewal within the first 30 days of ownership.​

    After the complimentary introductory period, customers have three attractive pricing options based on length of service agreement.


    One-Year - $79
    Two-Year - $139
    Three-Year - $198

    Assurance & Essentials

    One-Year - $179
    Two-Year - $315
    Three-Year - $448

    Assurance, Essentials & Guidance

    One-Year - $279
    Two-Year - $491
    Three-Year - $699

    Hyundai Blue Link Highlights

    Blue Link telematics platform will offer connectivity, convenience and safety services including Agent-assisted advanced voice recognition system provides a new approach to performing in-vehicle POI searches vs. voice-recognition-only systems, or traditional operators.

    Blue Link services will be standard on all Blue Link-equipped models for a free trial period of six months for Assurance and three months for both Essentials and Guidance; this free service period will be doubled if the customer signs up for auto renewal.

    A variety of features will be available at launch, including unique applications such as “Service Link” that helps drivers schedule service at their Hyundai dealer; an “Eco-Coach” that improves efficient driving; restaurant ratings; and remote door lock/unlock capabilities. Blue Link’s innovative features continue with remote vehicle start (late availability), which allows a driver to start their Hyundai vehicle so it can be warmed up or cooled down before driving; Geo-Fence, which can send a notification if a driver has ventured outside prescribed borders or time constraints; and stolen vehicle slowdown to help police recover a stolen vehicle.

    Blue Link Assurance further expands Hyundai’s industry leadership formerly established by Hyundai Assurance, the industry’s most comprehensive suite of new-vehicle protection. Hyundai Assurance already offers a 5-year/60,000-mile fully transferable bumper-to-bumper warranty, Hyundai’s 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, 5-years complimentary Roadside Assistance.

    Blue Link Assurance package
    • Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) and Assistance - Provides immediate assistance when an accident occurs and an airbag is deployed. In this event, an ACN signal, containing customer and location information, will automatically be transmitted to the response center. Upon receipt of the signal, a response specialist will attempt to establish voice communications with the vehicle occupants and forward any pertinent information to emergency services.

    • SOS Emergency Assistance - Customers request emergency 911 assistance by pressing the dedicated SOS button in the vehicle. This action transmits vehicle information and location to specially-trained response specialists, who assist in coordinating the dispatch of appropriate emergency assistance to the customer. The response specialist remains on the line with the customer until advised assistance has arrived.

    • Enhanced Roadside Assistance - Enables customers to contact Roadside Assistance via a single in-vehicle button-press. Vehicle information (including location) is automatically transmitted to a response center, enabling the specialist to dispatch assistance more quickly and efficiently for vehicle assistance and retrieval.

    • Monthly Vehicle Report – Provides monthly reporting of vehicle systems status via the Blue Link website and/or via email if desired by owners.
    Blue Link Essentials package

    • Quick Tips – Provides quick reference assistance for primary vehicle feature location and function.

    • Location Sharing - Enables sending vehicle location to select friends and members of social networking sites, including Facebook - directly from the vehicle.

    • Voice Text Messaging – Enables hands-free text messaging to SMS text recipients, using the innovative Agent-Assisted Voice Recognition system allowing for natural speech messages.

    • Mobile App – Available for download and access to remote services and account information. It is available for popular devices such as iPhones, Android, and Blackberry devices.

    • Remote Door Lock/Unlock - Enables locking or unlocking vehicle doors via a toll-free number, owner's website, or mobile phone application.

    • Remote Horn and Lights - Enables activating the horn and/or lights via a toll-free number, owner's website, or mobile phone application.

    • Remote Vehicle Start - Enables customers to start the vehicle via owner's website or toll-free number, or mobile phone application. (late availability)

    • Service Link – Provides convenient link to schedule service at a Hyundai dealer and to send the dealer a recorded message of requested services in advance of the visit.
    Vehicle Self Diagnostics
    • Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification - Provides explanation assistance using vehicle data and off-board diagnosis capabilities to better inform the customer of vehicle trouble alerts. A combination of in-vehicle display alerts and guided voice messages provides customers with additional instructions (information also sent to the customer's preferred dealer to assist with the repair process).

    • Maintenance Alert - Notifies customers via website, email or SMS message that an upcoming service is due at various thresholds leading up to the event. Configured online, the alerts explain what is included in particular maintenance intervals.

    • Recall Advisor – Provides all pertinent recall information should a recall be initiated.

    • Web Vehicle Diagnostics - Provides a report of vehicle diagnostics, eco-coach performance and other important information in a monthly email report and web page update, starting 30 days after registering with the Blue Link service.
    • Valet Alert – Enables alert via text message or automated phone message if a valet driver takes a customer’s vehicle and moves beyond a prescribed region.

    • Geo-Fence - Enables monitoring of vehicle movement in and out of pre-defined regions configured on the owner’s website. When the vehicle enters or leaves a designated region, the customer is notified by email, text message or automated phone message.

    • Speed Alert - Notifies the customer via email, text message or automated phone message when their vehicle exceeds the specified speed threshold established on the owner's website. This feature is often appreciated by parents of teen drivers and fleet customers.

    • Curfew - Alerts owners if the vehicle is being used outside a pre-determined time interval. Alerts are configured online and sent via text message and/or automated phone message.

    • Stolen Vehicle Recovery - In the event a customer's vehicle is reported stolen (and a stolen vehicle report has been filed with the appropriate police department), the response center can provide assistance to the police in an attempt to recover the vehicle.

    • Stolen Vehicle Slowdown - Used with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, this enables law enforcement to gradually reduce the engine power of the vehicle, thus slowing it down to safe levels. A warning will be transmitted to the driver prior to the slowdown procedure.

    • Vehicle Immobilization - Used with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, this enables law enforcement to send a signal to the vehicle which immobilizes the engine management system, thus preventing startup. This capability is only valid when the ignition is off, but the command can be saved by the engine ECU for later immobilization if the vehicle is on or in motion at the time of signal transmission.

    • Panic Notification - Notifies customers when the panic button on their vehicle key fob has been activated, signifying when a family member or other vehicle occupant may be in danger. Notifications are configured online and occur via email or text message.

    • Alarm Notification - Notifies customers when and where the vehicle alert is activated via a text message, email or an automated phone call.
    Guidance Package
    • Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service - Provides graphical and audible directions to a downloaded destination in vehicles that do not have on–board navigation systems.

    • POI Search by Advanced Voice Recognition System - Enables Point-of-Interest searches using an automated voice system. Results can be downloaded to the vehicles for turn-by turn or on-board navigation system. This powerful tool can help you find destinations ranging from very specific street addresses like “1600 Pennsylvania Ave” to general searches like “pharmacy” or “sushi.”

    • POI Download from Websites – Allows owner-directed download of point-of-interest data from selected websites.

    • Daily Route Guidance with Traffic Condition - Enables customers to pre-define several routes to a common destination and receive a regularly-scheduled traffic alert for traffic delays along those routes. Results include flow and incident data, along with "Fastest Route" recommendation.

    • Traffic Information - Provides traffic information surrounding the customer's vehicle and in the nearby area, based on preferences established using the owner’s website.

    • Gas Station Locations and Gas Prices - Locates nearby gas stations with the lowest prices. Results are played back via automated voice, and can be downloaded to the vehicle’s navigation system.

    • Eco-Coach - Tracks the customer's driving performance habits (MPG and CO2 emissions) on a continual and historical basis. Results and environmentally responsible driving recommendations are provided on the owner’s website. Customers can compete in a Blue Link community of drivers.

    • Restaurant Ratings – Provides a tool to search for local restaurants with the highest ratings. The address can be downloaded for turn-by-turn navigation or onboard navigation.

    • Weather - Provides weather forecasts and alerts for the immediate area or for customer-defined “favorite” locations within the owner website.
    All told, one of the better ones gets even better! Now darn it, where did I place my smartphone as I have a new app to load ;)
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    Thanks for the heads up on this! I was able to do a remote start on my car tonight at work. It's long overdue per their original promise, but at least the app works on my Android 2.0 phone now.
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    Will this be an update/upgrade for existing BlueLink cars and users?
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    Hi Darrel:

    Did the upgrade come through for your 2012?

    Yesterday Hyundai added more for new owners with enhanced SiriusXM radio with a three-month all access subscription.

    Hyundai and Sirius XM Radio will begin offering new Hyundai customers a three-month subscription to SiriusXM’s All Access package beginning this month. Programming enhancements for new vehicles include:
    • SiriusXM
    • NFL Radio
    • SiriusXM
    • NASCAR Radio
    • Exclusive talk programming and more
    In addition, new Hyundai owners with the SiriusXM All Access Package can enjoy SiriusXM Internet Radio for the same three-month period, allowing them to seamlessly access SiriusXM programming throughout the day. This includes SiriusXM Latino, a suite of 20 Spanish-language channels featuring 10 exclusive commercial-free music channels from a wide variety of genres. SiriusXM Internet Radio can be accessed at home, office or on the go anywhere outside the vehicle on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and other connected devices as well as at SiriusXM.

  5. Anyone use the Geo-fence?

    I want to set it up, kinda reverse - let me know when she leaves work. Give me a 15-20 minute heads up before she gets home. So I can get out of the lazy boy, hide the empty beers, and act like I did something productive - mow the grass, dishes, anything

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    Hi James:

    Now that is thinking outside the box! :D

  7. Look like you can set it up as an area to stay with-in or out of. Got a 10 mile 'home zome' set up, with text alerts. See how it works.

    Doing the eco coach now
  8. Speed alert worked perfect. Set it for 65mph. As soon as she hit the highway - txt message on my phone.

    Geo-fence needs some adjusting. Set it to go off when she was within a 10 mile radius of home. Didn't get a txt until she was about a mile away. Not nearly enough warning.
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    Brilliant idea, James. Hopefully, The Agent doesn't read your posts here.
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    Hi Edwin:
    Whoops :D

    James, my sentiments exactly!

  11. Thinking about the geo fence settings, 10 mile radius is only 5 miles each way. Adjusted it out.

    Funny, I keep getting speeding alerts txt to me from the woman that 'doesn't drive fast'. Haha. Alert is still set at 65. PSL is 70 on her drive to work. I do 60 on the same road in truck and van.

    Hope she keeps the blue link after trial period.
  12. Well that was GREAT while it lasted. Blue link trial expired last week. the Agent didn't renew it. She did just renew XM - wth! Already missing the text alerts when she leaves work. But since we got the Volt she's been driving that more anyway.
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    Hyundai Blue Link Turns 5

    In 2011, Hyundai launched Blue Link Connected Services. Since that time, Hyundai Blue Link has handled more than 90,000,000 requests from customers since it launched just five years ago, and the requests continue to increase.


    Hyundai Blue Link subscribers remote started their Hyundai’s more than 22 million times and remotely locked the doors more than 2.5 million times. Hyundai’s cloud-based Blue Link platform allows remote start and service information to be accessed through smartwatches and smartphones.

    From inside the car, Blue Link can search for destinations, schedule service and call for emergency assistance after a collision.

    5 Years of Hyundai Blue Link Highlights
    • Blue Link Remote Starts - 22,849,355
    • Blue Link Door Locks - 2,712,625
    • Blue Link Door Unlocks - 1,163,078
    • Blue Link Automatic Collision Notification Assisted - 17,335
    • Blue Link Stolen Vehicles Recovered - 2,710
    • Blue Link Point of Interests Searched - 8,764,688
    • Blue Link Monthly Vehicle Health Reports - 25,000,000
    One detail I found very interesting is there was a 2016 Sonata customer in Rhode Island that used Remote Start 232 times in a single month. Not even close to efficient but this individual is receiving his $s worth.

    New additions like smartwatch connectivity and more robust integration with Hyundai dealers are now part of the platform.

    Top Five Search Categories:
    1. Restaurants – 22%
    2. Street addresses – 10%
    3. Health (doctor, dentist, hospital, pharmacy) – 7.4%
    4. Home good stores – 5.4%
    5. Lodging – 5%
    Trending Searches:
    1. Hyundai dealers
    2. Target
    3. Starbucks
    4. Costco
    5. Home Depot

    Since its launch, Blue Link continued to evolve with the following additions listed in the timeline below:

    2016 – Blue Link celebrates its fifth anniversary
    2016 – Blue Link remote start and car finder take leading roles in Hyundai Super Bowl television advertisements (Jan.)
    2015 – Blue Link app for Apple Watch launches (June)
    2015 – Blue Link app for Android Wear launches (March)
    2015 – Blue Link honored as Best Car Tech at CES by TechRadar (Jan.)
    2015 – Hyundai Blue Link debuts smartwatch app with voice recognition at Consumer Electronics Show (Jan.)
    2014 – Genesis Intelligent Assistant launches (Nov.)
    2014 – Blue Link mobile 3.0 app launches (Nov.)
    2014 - Blue Link launches vehicle safeguard alerts in-vehicle app (Nov.)
    2014 – Blue Link wins one of Laptop Magazine’s Best of Consumer Electronic awards (Jan.)
    2014 – Second generation of Blue Link launches with destination search powered by Google (Jan.)
    2014 – Hyundai announces relationship with Verizon Enterprise Solutions with integration provided by Covisint Corporation (Jan.)
    2013 – New vehicles equipped with Blue Link come with three-years of Assurance Connected Care (March)
    2012 – New mobile app launches (May)
    2011 – Blue Link pricing announced (June)

    What’s next? Who knows but Hyundai’s Connected Services are some of the best and there is no stopping both the technology and innovation. I personally cannot wait to see what the Flying H brand has in store for us going forward. ;)
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