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Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by bear15, May 13, 2012.

  1. bear15

    bear15 Well-Known Member

    2 quick questions regarding PIP purchases:

    1) I see many people now have purchased the PIP. What have dealers been charging? I am assuming most people are paying MSRP or even above MSRP-- is this the case?

    2) What are dealers doing with trade in values for previously purchased prius (eg. we have a 2010 with only 7k).

    I am just trying to figure out how much I should expect to pay.

  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Ed and Drew ,
    Try They can tell you the best possible price you can expect to pay for the car AND tell you which dealer near you will sell it for that price. I'm guessing no great deals on a hot new car like the PIP.
  3. bear15

    bear15 Well-Known Member

    bump. We were hoping to get a few responses. Thanks for your consideration. Ed

  4. CRT1

    CRT1 Newbie McNewbster


    Did you get a PIP? I am going to test drive one on Sunday. It is a smallish dealer and she had 3 on the lot and sounded eager to move. I suspect you could get under MSRP at this point.

    I *think* I read that they are not selling as well as expected. I am hoping maybe I can get a deal.

    Drove a Leaf last week, same deal, he at two 2012s on the lot and was offering $200 over invoice.
  5. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    Some places are discounting Leafs by $5000, so keep looking.
  6. CRT1

    CRT1 Newbie McNewbster

    Thanks for the tip, Herm. In both the cases the with Leaf and the PIP, the dealers sounded noticeably excited to have someone on the phone interested in the vehicle.

    Toyota and Nissan should be commended for pushing the leading edge, but getting out ahead of public opinion can be difficult. The dirty work falls on the dealers who have to figure out how to move these cars.

    I am thinking that the dealers will get even more interested in moving these cars at the 2013 model year starts coming out. Perhaps the factory will roll out some additional incentives? I drive my cars for 10+ years so if I can get a huge discount on the previous year I am happy to take that!
  7. waltermlee

    waltermlee Well-Known Member

    FWIW pricing in the DC area says the following. ;)

    Nissan Leaf 4dr HB SV
    MRSP 36050 street price 34707
    good price 35608
    Nissan Leaf 4dr HB SL
    MRSP 37250 street price 37818,
    good price 37631

    Prius Plug-in
    MRSP 32000 street price 32721
    good price 32534
    Prius Plug-in Adv
    MRSP 40285 street price 39945
    good price 40000


    Chevy Volt
    MSRP 39145 street price 37579
    good price 39148
  8. CRT1

    CRT1 Newbie McNewbster

    Thanks for looking that up for me Walter. With my ear to the ground it seems that there may be an excess of 2012 Leafs (Leaves?) and PIPs. The initial pent up demand was satisfied and there are still a lot of these cars on the lots around my neck of the woods.

    The Truecar pricing will reflect all of the sales since these cars came out but not the pricing RIGHT NOW if dealers are getting eager to move these off the lot as the 2013s start rolling in.

    I suspect the PIP as a higher floor than the Leaf. At worst you could move it for the same price as a Prius three or four, whatever the equivalent is in terms of options. The Leaf on the other hand is a leap for most people and dealers caught with too many make need to get creative. :)

    For philosophical reasons I'd really like to get into a plug-in vehicle, but I also don't have a lot of room in my budget. Getting a really good deal on one of these cars would put me over the top. Otherwise I will wait another year or two, no more daycare bills, less home improvements, etc.
  9. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    CRT1, I bought my LEAF from a dealer in NC who was desperate to move a car at the end of the month. I called the salesman up on the last Friday of the month, then he called me back on the last day of the month (a Monday) and worked the deal. I don't know how far you'll be able to negotiate down but take a look at what it would cost to get one shipped from North Bay Nissan over in Petaluma, CA. You'll be able to at least get the local price down to that level and you'd be able to drive it home, too. :)
  10. CRT1

    CRT1 Newbie McNewbster

    Sean, What kind of deal did you get? PM me of you don't want to blast it to the world.

    How did you find the dealer way down in NC? How much did it cost to ship it?

    I ran the numbers for keeping the FIT vs getting a Leaf or a PIP and holding for 10 years. It is not quite break even, but saving a few thousand would put either pretty close. If I can make it close to break even, then the Karma is free. :D
  11. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Hi, CRT1 -- I've sent you a PM.

    I found the dealership when I was down in NC visiting my sister and getting my son Baptized. Her house is 3mi from Modern Nissan and I got a test drive in the actual vehicle I purchased there at the end (30th) of March. The salesman really wanted to make a deal for the end of the month right then but I begged off because my wife's work was going through layoffs and we weren't sure about the impact to us. I called him up again on 4/27/2012, then got the call back and worked the deal on 4/30/2012. It was delivered to my driveway by truck on 5/7/2012.
  12. bear15

    bear15 Well-Known Member


    How do you like your Leaf? We also looked at these and the dealer let us take one for a 24 hour time period. We thought this was great!!

    In IL., the incentive is fairly good, however, when I spoke with the person in charge of sending out the checks for the state, he told me that almost all the money the state allocated (this was in May) for this incentive was used up and I was not likely to receive any money-- I guess they have an application process based on a first-come-first served basis.

    Regarding the PIP, we could not get the deal we wanted. Anyway, when we found out that there was only a $100.00 difference in the yearly fuel cost btw. the PIP and the regular prius, and the fact that we are commonly reaching mid to high 80's mpg with the rental we used, we decided to go with the 2012 regular prius. We sure did like the other 2, however.


  13. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Hi, Ed -- I love the car!! It now has just about 2150mi on it and it has delivered everything I've asked of it and more. :)
  14. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    Timing's everything. There's now a $3500 rebate on the standard model pip and zero percent financing.

  15. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Bill:

    The upcoming C-MAX Energi and Volt HOV lane access moved Toyota in the right direction a bit, didn't they ;)

    I thought the $4 to $5K upcharge for the 3 kWh of extra Li-Ion was a bit much. $3,500 brings it back to just about what it should have been priced at in the first place.

  16. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

    ItsNotAboutTheMoney Super Moderator Staff Member


    PiP - Prius Three = Heated seats + Chargers + 4.4kwh Li-ion - 1.7kWh NiMh
    32k - 25.5k = 6.5k
  17. BillLin

    BillLin MASS: 2018 Bolt EV and 2017 Prime

    Thanks for the comments here and in the C-MAX Hybrid topic.

    My wife and I decided to get a 2012 PIP. I have no illusions about this making financial sense as far as giving up her 2010 Prius III hatch goes. I had hopes of buying that car at the end of the 3-year lease (<$15k residual). Still, she deserves a reward for her hard work and success in her first year as a real estate broker, so I was happy to go along with the splurge. She is comfortable with the way the Prius handles, so an incremental upgrade with plug-in bonus seems like a good way to go. We recently switched from oil heat and standard central air conditioning to geothermal heating and cooling. I thought about putting his part in the recent 'how cold will this winter get' topic but didn't get around to it. We also had ground mounted PV panels installed and are now net metered with the grid. Home charging a small plug-in battery will be a tiny blip in our overall energy usage, but we're very much into reducing our oil and gasoline consumption and the plug-in should help in that regard. My work commute has been reduced from 29 miles daily to about 9. My MMH gas mileage is still higher than I like, but I'm no longer putting very many miles on it on an annual basis. She, on the other hand, works from home but makes many short trips to home showings, and also a couple longer trips (about 55 miles each, 95% highway) a week. She'll probably use the 15k allowed annual miles. She will have many opportunities to recharge during most days, hopefully not fully discharging the battery and not needing to fully top off. The latter will take more discipline so maybe it won't happen, i.e. the battery will always be topped off. Once or twice a year, we also take road trips to the Chicago area to see family.

    I do love the thought of the C-MAX Energi, and maybe if I were due for a vehicle change, I'd swap my MMH for that. The Volt is also very interesting, but lower efficiency charge sustaining operation is a deal breaker for me, as well as the apparent lack of cargo space. The price even with $7500 tax credit still puts it out of my comfort zone, though the low lease deals could change my mind. My sister has a Volt. She drives a lot, and much of it is on extended interstate trips for her work. And yet, she reports gas mileage in the 60s and 70s. Not great for a plug-in maybe, but better than a regular hybrid.

    When the Prius C came out, I thought that would be the vehicle for me. Now I'm thinking maybe I'd be an ideal candidate for a BEV. I don't have range anxiety with my short commute and we would still have access to a long-range vehicle. Here's hoping the prices come down, and yes, I do see some nice lease deals already.

    Thanks and stay safe, especially those in the hurricane's path.
  18. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Give me a break-had to read 6-7 responses until I knew what a PIP was
    CRT1 and Walter finally let me in on it.
    Frankly can't see any reason to buy a Leaf when the Volt is being leased at give away prices
    And ALL Prius are so good
    Bet Toyota is holding fast on PIP prices for now.
    Wait-let gasoline bottom- buy then.
    Not sure what a Romney victory will do to gas prices
    If traders think the economy will boom-up goes gas prices
    If they think he will bomb Iran-up goes gas prices
    On the BRIGHT SIDE- since he talks out of both sides of his mouth in respect to military adventures-another Middle East Ish war-who knows.
    Other than TAX BREAKS for the wealthy- he doesn't have ANY hard and fast positions.
    Trickle down-more like pee on.
  19. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    Its still overpriced.. how much can heated seats and a low power lithium charger cost OEM?.. batteries used to cost $1000/kWh (according to GM around 2009) including all the packaging and BMS.. and they are now below $700 in all probability.

    Perhaps the pack is a lot bigger than 4.4kWh for long term durability. I'm sure Toyota will boost the range now that the C-Max is out.
  20. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

    ItsNotAboutTheMoney Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well, we can forgive them $3k extra to cover development and warranty costs on the low volume. Of course, the low volume could be deliberate because if they really priced in relation to cost it's quite possible they'd cannibalize a large chunk of liftback sales and their NiMH IP and manufacturing would suddenly be a lot less valuable.

    It's 4.4kWh total with less than 3kWh usable: it's rated 290Wh/mi wall-to-wheel blending for 11 miles with 0.002 gallons of gas also used. 11*290 = 3190. Based on that it'd need 94% charging efficiency to be 3kWh usable.

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