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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by xcel, May 11, 2012.

  1. 50 mpg by 2012

    50 mpg by 2012 Well-Known Member

    Mazda CX-5 2.2 Skyactiv-D 150PS 2WD by Stuart Milne 25 May 2012

    The headline-grabbing Mazda CX-5 returns the best fuel economy and lowest CO2 emissions of any model in the range, and is a top-level contender in the class

    Wayne ... what do you think you could get from a CX5 MT diesel?
  2. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi 50 mpg:

    It would be a guess at this early stage but I suspect many here at CleanMPG would easily punch out > 70 mpgUS.

    At the limits, I am not sure? Some of the European diesels sip gas while others are a lot thirstier. With the new tech providing low compression combustion closer to TDC, Mazda may have not lost much of anything on the Thermodynamic Efficiency front and if so, 80 mpgUS maybe???

    It may be a while before the CX-5 arrives with a SKYACTIV-D here. The Mazda guys I spoke with this weekend are very tight lipped but from our previous reports, it’s the all-new Mazda 6 that will get the diesel and that thing may just be “totally amazing” ;)

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  3. atlaw4u

    atlaw4u Well-Known Member

    Great write up - Thanks Wayne.
  4. USFMD82

    USFMD82 New Member

    I'm highly considering the CX-5 my major selling point is the ability to sleep in the vehicle on long trips. i am 6'4 and know i wont fit end to end, but I'm considering slanted. How much room is in the CX-5 with the back seats down and the front chairs scooted up all the way, or do the front chairs possible lean all the way back? I see lots of pictures but no measurements of this.

    Thanks in advance! Wish they have a moon roof model for the standard. Do you think you could of gotten as impressive mileage out of this if you were in an automatic?
  5. jmeagher

    jmeagher Member

    Front Seats won't go all the way back, but the back seats fold forward flush to the front seats, so no wasted space. One thing to consider, since the center arm console is at the same level as the back area when the seats are down: it should be possible to put your head on the console, which would give you a little extra length. I'll try it tonight just to make sure.

  6. USFMD82

    USFMD82 New Member

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Since they don't fold back, whats the max space i could get with the rear seats folded flat, and then pushing both front seats all the way forward? does that give me much extra room?I could devise something to fill the gap in this area. I rented a CX-9 when I was up in the new England states last year and loved it and me and the GF slept in it on Halloween night due to the festivities and it was quite comfortable, I like the gas mileage on the cx-5 so much more though! Also was curious about the automatic, the techniques you used to get those crazy mpgs' were they using mostly methods you can only do in a manual?

    If I can get a decent rest in this thing and get anything close to your mpgs' then I might have found an excuse to start taking some cross country road trips!.
  7. jmeagher

    jmeagher Member

    So I checked it out and, while doable, I would not want to do it for more than a night or two. I didn't check on the extra room with the seats forward - there's not much as I recall, but it does give a little extra, basically you'd gain the distance between the default state of the seat and when it's slid as far forward on its rails as it will go.

    Overall it's surprisingly roomy with the seats down.

    So far my experience has me getting in the the mid-30s with a heck of a lot of city driving (10+ mile commute with either stop and go traffic on the freeway or tons of lights and stop signs on city streets (trying to hypermile is having me wishing I lived somewhere in the boonies with nice gentle rolling hills and no lights).

    I'm pretty sure that as I am getting more efficient, I should be able to top 40 pretty easily, even in my conditions (I just got a scangauge - my first measured tank posted as 31, but my next tank will be a truer test of what I can do).

  8. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    Some news on the CX-5 and its increased supply to meet demand…

    Mazda just announced it will increase production capacity of the CX-5 from 200,000 to 240,000 units per year. This will be achieved by expanding production from the company’s Ujina Plant No.2 to also include Ujina Plant No.1.

    Upgrades to the assembly line have been completed and will enable production of the next generation SKYACTIV products from the Ujina Plant No.1 earlier than anticipated.

    The CX-5 is Mazda’s first model to fully incorporate SKYACTIV technology and with it has gained a reputation for offering both excellent fuel economy and a great driving experience.

    Since sales began in February, Mazda has received orders far surpassing initial estimations and upgraded its annual global sales target from 160,000 to 190,000 units for the fiscal year 2012.

    As of July 1, CX-5 orders in Japan have reached approximately 24,000 units, more than doubling the annual domestic sales target in only four and a half months from the start of sales.
  9. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    not sure if this is answered yet because i didn't see you mentioned in your review... when it comes to FAS and push button systems how does the procedure work?
  10. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Phil:

    A little kludgy but not bad. Push the Start/Stop button, lights go out and almost immediately with just a few ms delay, push the Start/Stop button again (without the clutch engaged) and she will be booted back up without the ICE firing. If you leave the clutch in, the ICE will fire right back up.

  11. 50 mpg by 2012

    50 mpg by 2012 Well-Known Member

    Any CX5 diesel user MPG experience data yet?
  12. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi 50 mpg by 2012:

    Not that I know of yet but like everyone else here, I cannot wait to see what that thing will bring to the table. I just know it is going to be so darn good :D

  13. 50 mpg by 2012

    50 mpg by 2012 Well-Known Member

  14. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure ALL CX-5's are Skyactiv.
  15. 50 mpg by 2012

    50 mpg by 2012 Well-Known Member

    By golly you are correct!

    About 2 weeks ago when I looked at the Madza UK site, they only mentioned the diesel!

    The site now specifically says diesel and gasoline SkyActiv CX5.

    So SkyActive 2.0 gasoline 47 mpg(Imp) combined versus 61 mpg(Imp) combined for the diesel FWD MT CX5 ... ~130% for the diesel/gasoline.

    US CX5 EPA 29 mpg combined with USER AVERAGE 32 mpg (sample of 1) ... maybe 41.5 mpg USER AVERAGE for the US diesel? At least it sounds reasonable and in the range of the Passat diesel. And I could live with that.

    Hypermiling ... ????

    Although, I'll bet by 2015 Hyundia/Kia will have improved those numbers by 15%~20%. Smaller displacement maybe ... but I believe it will happen.

    For insight here is an interesting read from the Korean International Trade Association

    Make specific note of comments about automotives and the link at the bottom about petroleum. [tried to do cut-n-paste but could not copy] BTW, China no longer allows incandscent light bulbs >100 watts.

    OFF TOPIC: Gasoline price at my benchmark station jumped UP 15¢ to $3.259/gallon and diesel to $3.639, a ~10% price spread between 7/4/12 and 7/5/12
  16. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi 50 mpg:

    With growing interest in climate change and environmental protection, countries around the world have expanded their technology regulation for reasons of saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, and protecting the environment. With the number of TBT notifications issued around the world reaching 1,101 in 2011, the number of technology regulations related to energy and the environment has soared from 99 in 2004 to 200 in 2011. The share of developing countries among the TBTs submitted to the WTO has also surged from 51.6% in 2004 to 81.2% in 2011. In addition, unlike in the developing countries, the regulations related the energy and environment sectors in advanced countries were introduced through a very thorough, careful, and detailed process. Therefore, if Korea is not well-prepared to tackle this issue, its export will meet a big obstacle.

    From 2012, airlines that land and take off at the EU countries must be taking part in its emission trading scheme (EU-ETS). Cars that emit more carbon dioxide than mandated by the CO2 emission regulation will be fined. All the imported tires should be labeled with the information about their CO2 emission as well. As Korea, the U.S., and China will ban the sales of 100W or higher incandescent bulbs, the import and export of the product will be impossible. In addition, India is also strengthening its technology regulations to the level of that of Europe, as shown in its recent move to oblige labeling of information about six toxic substances that are banned on electric and electronic products imported to India. Against this backdrop, South Korea needs to closely monitor the developments and prepare response measures.

    Influence of International Environmental Regulations on Import and Export of Korea's Businesses

    Content of RegulationImplementing CountryRelated IndustryInfluence Short TermLong Term
    Joining EU-ETS for AirplanesEUSeven including Airlines
    Regulating CO2 Emission of CarsEUAutomobile
    Tire LabellingEUTireX
    Banning Sales of Incandescent Bulbs (100W or higher)KoreaLightingX
    Banning Sales of Incandescent Bulbs (100W or higher)U.S.A.Lighting
    Banning Sales of Incandescent Bulbs (100W or higher)ChinaLightingX
    Restricting Harmful Substances in Electric and Electronic ProductsIndiaElectric & ElectronicXX
    Labelling Energy Consumption Efficiency on Electric and Electronic ProductsMexicoElectric & ElectronicX
    Mandating the Labelling of Energy Consumption Efficiency on Electric and Electronic ProductsUAEElectric & ElectronicX
    Imposing Climate Change Countermeasure TaxJapanPetroleum, Coal, Gas, PetrochemicalX
    Regulating CO2 Emission and Mileage of AutomobileKoreaAutomobile

    Note: ◯ High, △ Moderate, X Low

    Mexico has launched a full-fledged crackdown on 186 electric and electronic products including refrigerator, laundry machine, and air conditioner, which are not labeled with their energy consumption efficiency level in Spanish and the UAE has also obliged labeling of light products with their energy consumption efficiency level marked with the number of stars. Japan will imposes tax for countermeasure against climate change from February 10th, a scheme to impose tax on fossil fuels according to amount of their CO2 emission thus, relevant industries in Korea with a high ratio of export of petroleum products to Japan should come up with response strategies. As all cars running in Korea will have to fulfill either the average energy consumption efficiency standards for cars or the green house gas emission allowance standards, the import of foreign cars with high engine displacement and heavy weight is expected to decrease.

    As such, technology regulations that are on the increase around the world will have a negative influence on the domestic export industries in a short term but, in a mid and long term, they will provide Korea with an opportunity to gain the upper hand over its competitors such as China in the eco-friendly high-efficiency energy market, if we response to the trend successfully. To this end, Korean businesses should not just follow the global environmental regulations. They need to closely monitor environmental policies and regulations related to export of their products and how their competitors are responding to them. They also must develop green products as well as obtain international official certifications. Plus, they should map out preemptive strategies which can make them not only lead the global standardization but also create new global markets.
  17. 50 mpg by 2012

    50 mpg by 2012 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Wayne.

    This will make it tough for Det3 US exports, but it is driving Hyundai/Kia. I was aware the several Korean OEMs were aggressively developing fuel frugal diesel in 2009. But, the Korean Trade Mission in DC would not tell me who.

    Today, 7/6/12, gasoline DROPPED to $3.099/gallon and diesel stayed $3.639. And that is with 51¢ and 59¢ (NC+Federal tax) for gasoline and diesel respectively.
  18. CRT1

    CRT1 Newbie McNewbster

    Last time I was in Korea was about 6 years ago and I barely saw any non-Korean cars on the road. The only exceptions seemed to be an occasional Japanese economy car and a high-end Caddie, Mercedes, or BMW. I would have guessed that 98% of the mass market belonged to Korean brands. Anyone know if this is still the case? Seemed odd to me because I felt that Korean cars were still behind the curve back then, unlike now.
  19. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi CRT1:

    I was in Korea this past spring and 75% of the domestic market is indeed Korean cars. Hyundai and Kia of course. I noticed the same thing and asked the Kia PR folks I was with because of it. A few Caddy's, Mercs, Beemer's and Audi's but very few domestics, Europeans or Japanese cars on the road. A very close knit society indeed.

  20. CRT1

    CRT1 Newbie McNewbster

    I am very fond of the Korean people and their culture. As an American I felt very comfortable in Korea, especially as a lover of spicy food. :)

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