In Defense of the Chevy Volt

Discussion in 'In the News' started by ALS, May 10, 2012.

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    [​IMG] Cars don't usually vote in elections, but one vehicle is playing an unusual role in this year's presidential campaign: the Chevrolet Volt.

    [FIMG=LEFT][/FIMG]Rick Newman - USNEWS - May 9, 2012

    The plug-in Volt, which debuted in late 2010, has become a political target for Republicans, who associate it with the 2009 General Motors bailout and with President Obama's fondness for controversial green-energy programs. Conservative pundit Glenn Beck called it "crappy." Rush Limbaugh huffed about GM "trying to kill its customers." Obama's likely opponent, Mitt Romney, says the Volt is "an idea whose time has not come."

    GM CEO Dan Akerson, not surprisingly, complains that the Volt has become a "political punching bag," with sales hurt by partisan bickering that has nothing to do with the car itself.

    I spent a week driving the Volt recently, courtesy of GM, and like many other reviewers, I think Beck and the other sourpusses are totally wrong about the car. The Volt is sturdy and enjoyable, grippy on curves, visually appealing and supremely quiet. Its high starting price of $39,995 means that it's not practical for most drivers. But it's also a technological marvel that may represent an important step forward in the history of powertrains and fuel efficiency.... [RM][/RM]
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  3. ALS

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    I want him as Secretary of the Treasury. :)
  4. SoSlo

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    The object of pundits like rush and beck is to make people upset so they watch more, call the station and identify with the program. It's all about ratings and advertising. I choose to get my information from all possible sources, knowing the point of view of the publication first.

    I do aspire to leasing some type of vehicle like the Volt. One with HOV stickers would have saved me a half-hour driving today. Will GM keep the generous lease of the non-HOV?
  5. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Too liber for my utili taste. Secretary of Defense, perhaps. ;)
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    There are not that many Volt out there because of their high initial cost but they can get from 70mpg to 110 mpg when driven carefully. I've only seen a handful of Volts in the DC metro area - wrt to fuel efficient GM vehicles the more popular less costly convetional gas engine Chevy Cruze and Chevy Aveo has had a higher regional impact in the DC metro area. The Volt probably would have had more of an impact if its MRSP was limited to $22,000 ( i.e. the total production/manufacturing cost was kept under $15000) and the design-development-manufacture cycles was strictly limited to 4 years (but without any manufacturing/fabrication cost restrictions). I think the Chevy spark will be more popular than the Chevy Volt.
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  8. EVuser

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    Blaming sales or lack there of on politics is a new low for imagination. A four seater at this price loaded with new technology deserves to be a fairly low production vehicle. I hope it works and that it doesn't end up with some nightmare mechanical issue as it ages. How well historically do "new" GM products do in the first few years?
  9. wittesvolt

    wittesvolt the electric pushert

    if you look at the "MPG Estimates from Drivers Like You"on that page you will see that the volt has 180mpg while the prius has 53 mpg average plus the volt uses no gas for up to 50 miles.
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  11. wittesvolt

    wittesvolt the electric pushert

    i would not listen to any info found on that site. Even if subsidies are given out i dont think its more then the gas savings from using it.
  12. Chuck

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    Just evaluate it like any other car on it's own merits - Period.
  13. wittesvolt

    wittesvolt the electric pushert

    agreed ^
  14. NeilBlanchard

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    The Volt is imperfect, as is any other car. I wish it seated four (or five) tall adults. I wish it had far better MPG when using the ICE (which I think should be a much smaller engine is "pure" serial battery charging setup). I wish it went at least as far as the EV1 on the low aerodynamic front.

    But, for some people it is a great car. It gets (at least) 93MPGe in electric mode. It goes far enough in electric mode for about 2/3 of everybody's average days driving. An average Volt goes over 1,000 miles before it empties it's ~8 gallon tank. That is great; especially if you can charge it with renewable energy, like solar PV panels.
  15. ALS

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    That is what would make the ownership of a PHEV a real plus. :)
  16. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    I would not mind owning one, but I just could not justify the cost. Maybe once they start hitting the used market in a couple years they'll be more affordable.
  17. Kacey Green

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    I do about 100 miles a day in my '12 Volt, the difference in payment from my '12 Civic Hybrid is made up by the gas savings. I've burned 10.1 gallons since January '12 and have yet to pay out of pocket for gas.

    I know it's got a 9.2 gal tank, the first tank + a top-off were provided by the dealership. GM is paying for my next tank as part of a customer campaign, after that I'll be on my own for gas.

    Electric bill has gone up less than $40 a month vs the $200 a month I was spending on gas in the HCHIII.
  18. Kacey Green

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    Also, if you lease that will make the payments even lower but the mileage I put on made the appropriate level of lease coverage too expensive vs buying the car.
  19. southerncannuck

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    That's how I feel about a 3 series BMW, not that there's any shortage of those on the road.
  20. 08EscapeHybrid

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    Well, if we're going there... One of the cars I had looked into was an 80's model Mercedes SL convertible coupe, and probably might have bought one if I could have found one with a manual transmission. They're about as cheap as they're ever going to get right now, and as they reach antique status, the value for the nice ones will just go up.

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