An anniversary: 5 years of HMing, more than 600 gallons saved

Discussion in 'General' started by WriConsult, May 9, 2012.

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    I was just looking at the mileage logs, and noticed that my first entry -- the first time I recorded a tank due to hypermiling -- was May 8, 2007. 5 years ago today.

    I remember doing it as a skeptical experiment. With science in my blood I put forth my absolutely best effort, sincerely resolving to apply the techniques as I understood them consistently and with discipline for an entire tank or two. But to be honest I hoped and expected the results to show that despite all this, it didn't make more difference than maybe 2mpg. My underlying motivation was to prove that I could go back to my leadfoot behavior without guilt.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    I got 28mpg on the first try. Way higher than my previous average of 23mpg on that Subaru. Up until that point my driving included a lot of foot-to-the floor acceleration, highway speeds of 70-80mph and a roof rack frequently laden with bikes or skis. My highway mpg was often no better than my local mpg.

    What a revelation! For me this exploded a whole bunch of myths and assumptions about fuel consumption and driving behavior. It was a genuine paradigm shift for me, and it changed my driving radically. I was ultimately able to get my Subaru's average up over 30mpg.

    Here's what 5 years of hypermiling has accomplished, versus what I would have gotten otherwise:

    VehicleEPA mpgMiles loggedMy actual mpgMy non-hypermiling mpgGallons saved
    Subaru Outback19/26/22mpg11896 mi30.3mpg23mpg (actual)124 gal
    Jetta Wagon21/29/24mpg32882 mi32.4mpg25mpg (est)300 gal
    Golf TDI*35/44/38mpg12701 mi*47.3mpg40mpg (est)49 gal
    Elantra Touring23/31/26mpg16382 mi35.9mpg27mpg (est)151 gal ... so far

    * Golf is my wife's car, so the figures only include the full tanks where I drove it.

    Not counting rental cars, I've saved something like 624 gallons of fuel over these 5 years. At least 10 gallons a month. :Banane44:
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  2. WriConsult

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    Oh, and at this anniversary it's fitting that I just recorded the longest distance I've ever done on a tank in a gas car: 505 miles. That tank included part of Sunday's run to Olympia and back, which managed to average 44mpg. Not too shabby for hwy driving in a car rated for 31mpg hwy.
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    Hi Dan:

    This is to excellent and thank you for saving! I tweeted it too :)

  4. Gord

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    Great work Dan! 624 gallons saved is awesome :)
  5. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Congratulations! Nice work.

    Your achieving the same savings as us, without the help of replacing a near-clunker with a Prius is impressive.
  6. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Fantastic, Dan!! Congratulations on an excellent 5 years of savings.

    Here's to many more of the same!!

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    Great job! Congrats!

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