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Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by irish2171, May 7, 2012.

  1. irish2171

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    OK, so this really isn't a clean MPG issue..........but I'm trying to find accessories for my 2013 Elantra. Searching the internet I find virtually nothing. Any ideas?
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    It depends on what you mean by accessories.
    If you mean things like seat covers, radios and speakers, floor mats, and other aftermarket items, they are out there. Body-specific items (window visors, body kits) are fairly sparse.
    Did you have anything specific in mind or are you just checking to see what's out there on the web that catches your eye?
  4. irish2171

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    MaxxMPG..........looking for bug deflector, all weather mats, etc.
  5. JonNC

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    If you don't already have the mud guards, GET THEM!

    The proof is in the pudding :D.


    Or in this case, the lack of said pudding on the side of the car.
    Before I installed the mud guards, the sides of my car were always filthy.
    As you can see, they don't stick out very far and shouldn't affect your aero much at all.
  6. JonNC

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    Check eBay for the all weather mats.
    I purchased the mats and mud guards from eBay seller hyundaiheaven.
  7. MaxxMPG

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    I have heard good things about sharkracing.com for Hyundai aftermarket, but they market more toward the spoilers/mesh-grille/coilovers/emblems crowd.

    For all weather mats, the dealer will have them, or can get them in a fairly short time frame. If you purchase from the dealer where you buy the car, you usually have some leverage to get them at a lower price.

    Those who have WeatherTech mats swear by them, and they also have floor liners that completely cover the carpet if mud or water is a concern.

    I just googled "2011 Elantra bug deflector" and found a bunch of them from various sources. For exterior body accessories, any part listed for 2011-2013 Elantra will fit fine because there have been no changes to the body panels yet. When the coupe and GT arrive, that will change, and you will want to specify "sedan". Also beware of 2011-2012 Elantra parts that may actually be for the Elantra Touring, which is a different body shell and it shares nothing with the Elantra sedan.
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    WeatherTech mats are the cat's meow ! And made right here in Illinois.

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