Week of May 7th - May 13th, 2012 (Nat Avg $3.80)

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by Right Lane Cruiser, May 7, 2012.

  1. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Thanks, guys! :D

    I didn't do as well on the way home (expected after all this time driving it in the Insight) but didn't do horribly. The temp was a bit higher but the wind fought me the entire way back. Once home I discovered the tires were all set at 35PSI. :eek: That is "repaired" now. :eek:

    Still, it was a blast to drive even with low tire pressure!

    55F, 11mph cross/headwind from the WNW, sunny:

    5.8 mi/kWh over 14.8 mi --> 194.6 MPGe
  2. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Fantastic numbers Sean - how do they compare to EPA? :p:D You'll soon think sub 200 is terrible!

    Thanks for the explanation Kirk, I like the sound of the wienie run :)

    ...and again, another non-driving day for me. I save loads of fuel car pooling, I reckon about 4700+ miles on the commute or between $800 to $900 a year in diesel at our inflated prices.
  3. shiNIN

    shiNIN Hedonist Beginner Biker

    Hi people! Another tank from me :) It's a busy month.

    82.563 US MPG (269.8 miles)

    Not bad, considering
    - I rode together with others in Austria. Hills are wonderful and I could glide extremely lot in the last leg of that together-with-16-other-bikes part (1/3 of the whole time I guess - perfect slopes, slowness in villages and whatnot) but I simply couldn't avoid braking now and then, the ones before me brake way too heavily and I kept a distance but there's a limit you know... But I'm content with myself, they breaked, like, all the time (every turn and the whole trip was a series of turns) and I did it rarely ;)
    - The second part was back home in the dark. We chose a straight national road and went moderately quickly without any hypermiling (we just glided a bit before villages/towns). P&G is tiring, the glide part is but a few seconds and it's not effective for my bike at this speed, and I wasn't just tired, I was worried because my baby bike had a loose and dry chain :(
    - The third part was on bigger roads as well, no hills, again.
    - I have no idea about tire pressure, I definitely will check it tomorrow.

    Maintenance is over ~ My bike is in top form again, except maybe the tire pressure. No bad sign but maybe it's not ideal.
    Transmission didn't change (it was the plan but there was a lil problem so it will be later this year) but Ciliegia got a new windshield... Well I think it's too short so I share Alvaro's experience about strong wind on my helmet. But wind don't keep me from high speed on windy days, it's more comfortable. The mechanic said airdrag should be better now, bigger shields lower FE, not this one.
    We'll see.
    I'm really curious about my (and Alvaro's) numbers on the 48-hour tour, there will be 5 tanks!
    I want better results from now on.

    On the way home I experienced I'm MUCH better now, I take turns quicker and I'm brave/confident and with a reason at that. It's good, I usually brake because I get scared of some turns... (I ride little in cities.) Even if I glide, it's not so much fun and I'm as a hedonist even NEED fun to be good. Even my bread turns out worse if my mood isn't good :p
  4. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Hi, Gord! Most people seem to get in the 3.5 mi/kWhr range. Reversing the formula I'm using to get MPGe and using the EPA combined rating of 99, it seems the EPA rates it at 2.9 mi/kWhr.

    Guess I'm still a hypermiler, eh? ;)

    Way to go shiNIN!! I'm sure you'll continue to get better every day you ride. :thumbs_up:

    It is cooler this morning but I managed to equal yesterday's commute.

    46F, 3mph tailwind from the NNW, clear:

    • 14.8mi @ 6.0mi/kWhr --> 201.36 MPGe
  5. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Sean... that's just ridiculous!

    It was POURING rain on the way home last night. We got 2.5 inches in about an hour, on top of Monday's 1 inch. We're good and wet now.

    70.0 mpg - home in the rain
    87.3 - to school and work this morning

    The tank is still steady at 80.8 / 853 mi and 1/4 remaining.
  6. FXSTi

    FXSTi Well-Known Member

    I only did 80.3 miles yesterday before the wienie run, then I filled the tank and headed home to get my son. He didn't want to go, so it was a solo run.

    Including the run home from the gas station, the wienie run, and the ride back home I put on another 68.5 miles.

    46.01/162.3 miles for the fill up on the bike. I've never done better than 42 with this bike before. I blame the increased mileage on anticipatory driving learned here. I still am not making any attempt to hypermile the bike.

    The next fill will be way less. The wienie run was all hard throttle and sudden braking. Not unlike ShiNIN's run, riding with that many other bikes doesn't help FE.
  7. EVuser

    EVuser Well-Known Member

    Busy conditioning 56 new 100 AH lithium cells, one at a time. Sort of like watching a TV test pattern if your old enough to have watched the excitement.

    two drives on the 7th
    4.2 mi @ 192.2 MPGe
    4.4 mi @ 180.6 MPGe

    drive on the 8th
    3.95 mi @ 202 MPGe

  8. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    Yesterday we took Ciliegia to Budapest, to have the 30k km maintenance. While the mechanic was working on shiNIN's bike, we went on a 2-up trip (and stopped for a pizza) to see a bit of the kind of roads waiting us this weekend (this kind = small, twisty, bad quality). We had much stop&crawl, crawl&crawl, stop&wait traffic while we crossed Budapest twice (I stopped the engine dozens of times), then went through a couple of busy towns until we reached the Dunakanyar (Danube bend) so I'll at least the quarter of this tank will be city driving. May be the third... and 200km of 2-up. I'll be curious of this tank. I'll learn the numbers tomorrow, but I won't post until Monday evening (when I get back - right to work in a night shift...).


    I did the oil/filter change on Teresa myself at home. It was dark and I spilled a bit, now I don't really know what should I do with the polluted soil, maybe I take it to a fuel station just like the used oil.



    They reached these round numbers almost at once, on the way back.

    OK, I've already packed most of the things I think I'll need, now I'm off for this long weekend. I'll be back with several tanks (unless I'll have to combine them thanks to the different method I'll use to measure FE during the 48-hour run...), but I'm not sure about the photos...
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  9. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Thanks, Andrew! I actually discovered while showing the car to a coworker during lunch that the center console and the gauge cluster readout don't agree on the efficiency of my last trip. The center gauge reads 6.2mi/kWhr (208 MPGe) and that's a direct comparison to what I read for yesterday morning's trip (so I did 0.2 mi/kWhr better this morning :D) but now I don't know which readout to trust as more indicative of the actual consumption.

    Kirk, you really do rack up the miles! :eek:

    Mike, once those LIon batteries are installed you'll leave me in the dust almost certainly. It is hard to compensate for a huge weight loss like that!!

    Good luck, Alvaro!!
  10. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    It was 52F this morning and the wind was NW@ 5 mph.This afternoon it was 61F and wind was NW@ 15-20 mph.
    129.0 11.8-to work
    113.5 11.9-back home
    Day Total: 120.7mpg over 23.7 miles. The tank is up to 113.9 over 576.2 with 12/13 bars of 20 on the gauge.
  11. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    I had a stop on the way home for Mother's Day shopping and I'll be heading out again with my daughter after I pick her up from daycare.

    62F, 5mph headwind from the N:

    • 4.2mi @ 6.3mpk --> 211.4 MPGe (Work to store)
    • 10.8mi @ 6.5mpk --> 218.1 MPGe (Store to home)

    I think I'm going to have to work up a little calculator for myself so these conversions are easier...
  12. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    work --> home yesterday:
    - 58.2 / 13.0 miles (72F N@7)
    FCD up 0.1 to 57.6

    home --> school drop off --> work:
    - 54.0 / 13.1 miles (51F calm)

    Trip to DMV to renew my license:rolleyes: - Seems I have lost of side trips this week (I have an oil change on Friday so a few more miles that day too)
    Work --> dmv
    - 53.8 / 12.5 miles (68F NNW @6)
    DMV --> culvers for lunch
    - 51.9 / 5.2 miles
    Culvers --> work
    - 50.2 / 6.4 miles
    FCD down to 57.0 :(

    4.07 gals used
    222.0 miles driven
    gauge about 7/10
  13. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Home to meet the driveway contractor for an estimate. Enough of this bumpy used-to-be gravel mess.

    Temp about 85F

    77.9 / 10.5 home, headwind
    94.3 / 10.5 back to work, tailwind :D

    The tank is up a tick to 80.9 / 875 mi and just below 1/4.
  14. FXSTi

    FXSTi Well-Known Member

    Had to run over to school to pick up my books for the summer semester.

    53.5/57.6 miles to school and running around campus taking care of some other details.
    52.3/55.5 school to home. Temps were 57-60F all day with slight West wind.
  15. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    More driving with my daughter in the car for her Mothers' Day shopping. :)

    • 2.3mi @ 5.5mpk --> 184.6 MPGe (Home to Bank)
    • 1.2mi @ 5.7mpk --> 191.3 MPGe (Bank to store)
    • 3.0mi @ 5.8mpk --> 194.6 MPGe (Store to home via the car wash)

    That brought my average for the day down a bit, but you know what? No way could I have done that well in the Insight and I definitely couldn't have carried my daughter with me. :D I don't even want to think about what the Elantra would have returned in that mess of traffic over such short distances! :eek:

    If I'm not mistaken, the total for today is 36.3mi @ 6.2mpk --> 208 MPGe

    Which means that the total usage for today was 36.3/6.2 = 5.9kWhrs
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  16. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Yet more driving -- the car is already doing its job of relieving the FFH of gasoline usage for local trips!

    True to my word, I'm a bit faster with the wife in the car (condition of purchase :p).

    • 5.0mi @ 4.9mpk --> 164.4 MPGe (Home to pool store for supplies)
    • 1.7mi @ 5.4mpk --> 181.2 MPGe (Pool store to park for the daughter to run around)
    • 4.5mi @ 4.9mpk --> 164.4 MPGe (Park to home)
    Total today: 47.5mi @ 5.9mpk --> 196.5 MPGe using 8kWhrs

    Ignoring charging losses (which I can't measure right now) and taking into account my local cost of $0.0578 per kWhr, it appears I used $0.47 in electricity today. :D
  17. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    That sounds incredibly cheap Sean - I wonder how many miles it woud take to recoup the extra cost over a hybrid... Your electricity cost is way cheaper than UK's :)

    No driving for me today again - car pooling - $0.00 gas cost ;)
  18. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Yeah, the online document (hosted under the rates link at the utility's site) I found is from 2006. I'll have to scare up a recent bill and see what that says because it does look cheap.

    I'm working from home today but do have a Church run later today. :)
  19. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Not my best showing and I'm not sure why. Maybe my tires are "low". ;)

    77.7 / 10.5 - home last night
    74.8 / 13 - school and work this morning

    The tank is down a tick to 80.7 / 898 mi and ~1/8 remaining. Looks like I can do a Kilo this time.
  20. EVuser

    EVuser Well-Known Member

    IMO I don't think there is a really valid reason for going to the trouble of figuring charging loss when striving to drive efficiently and post the results. It really becomes an exercise in measuring with a micrometer and cutting with a axe. We can only strive for less energy use on the road as a comparison in our ability to improve our own results and reach a new PR. Certainly this lets a EV get away with not showing every watt it used.

    If you get 260 MPGe in the Leaf I know you did great on that trip, "pulled out the stops", "Leafed tall buildings" and all that stuff. If the car sat plugged in and ran the a/c or heater for a hour in the garage while you listened to the XM before the drive it certainly impacted your cost/efficiency but shouldn't be a reason to lower your drive efficiency to 150 MPGe. I'm for just counting what you have in the battery after the plug comes out:) We know there is some charging waste and it varies with the SOC, input voltage and a host of other things like pre heat/cooling.

    Just one EVer's opinion.

    7.4 mi
    156 wh/mi
    215 MPGe

    Daughter is taking the BEV to work today. She does very well with it and it would be the perfect commute vehicle for her. She drives 1 mile to work.

    85.5 mi
    37.2 mpg
    early am drive HAH today. Amazing how the bright lights make the mileage drop on the SG2 wonder if that impacts the real usage?;)

    Watts are watts

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